The Good Son Sunday 10th October 2021- Zee World Update

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The Good Son Sunday 10th October 2021- Zee World Update The episode starts with Purva wearing a dress purchased by Vedant and shows Dadi. He said he felt everything would be fine. Dadi asked him to sit with everyone and hear the story of Karwachauthauth.

Manjula said about the story of Karwa. Dadi said if a wife prayed for her husband’s long life, Yamraj had to listen. Purva prays for the long life of Vedant.

Vedant and Pankhudi returned to the hospital. He said he had kept a ticket in the file. Pankhudi said we had missed an important conference and asked him to check CCTV footage.

The Good Son 9th October 2021- Zee World Update

Vedant examination and find Purva steal tickets. He said this girl had no limits. Pankhudi thinks Purva shows intelligence and destroys it quickly. They left the hospital. Parvati and Alkshmi are in the hospital. Alkshmi said that he felt that Vedant would throw it

go out. Parvati said whatever happened was destined.
Everyone waits to see the moon. All women destroy them with their husband’s hands. Purva was happy to see Vedant home. Dadi signed Purva Luck. Vedant approached Purva angrily.

He asks what you want? He said I let you stay in my house and you began to disturb my life. Dadi called him. Vedant said he had stolen my flight ticket and I missed my conference.

Narendra asks how you know? Vedant said I checked CCTV recordings. He said I missed an important conference because of you. Purva said it was not important and the signs that Pankhudi told him. He scolded him because he didn’t know his job. Sanju came there and hugged the Pankhudi. He asked if he was fine.

The Good Son Sunday 10th October 2021- Zee World Update Pankhudi asked what happened? Sanju said that flights where they would go, fell and many people were injured. Dadi asked Vedant if he heard and said that God made Purva steal tickets. Manjula asked the Pankhudi to get ready and opened it quickly with Sanju’s hand.

Pankhudi returned after getting ready and saw Sanju through mesh sadly. Sanju made him breaking fast. Dadi asked Vedant to solve Purvquiclity.

The Good Son 2nd October 2021-Zee World Update

Vedant said he had saved my life, but I would not accept it as my purva. Pankhudi smiled. He will leave, but Manjula calls him.

Purva said the truth would not change if it was told again. He said he was his wife and would not retreat. He said if he was stubborn then I was also stubborn. He said until he violated fasting, I would sit here hungry and thirsty, even if I lost my life.

Mahadev asked Devi Parvati to drink water and destroy it quickly. Parvati said my bhakt was hungry. Mahadev said if he would not destroy it quickly until Purva broke. He said what if the moon disappeared.

Pravati said it was on your forehead and would not dare to leave until I destroyed my fast. Manjula asked Dadi, what to do because Purva sat outside. Ramesh said why he wanted to be a dead wife of Vedant.

Pankhudi said I would take food for the girl. Dadi tells a story to Vedant who made him realize that there was nothing important for the doctor than to save the lives of others and asked him to make the girl destroy it for humanity.

Pankhudi came to Purva and said that Vedant was angry to see the tape and asked him to eat. Purva asked him to eat Candy Name Sanju and said I would destroy my satisfaction when Vedant broke into my satisfaction.

Dadi told Vedant that it was a doctor’s duty to save someone and said that he could not eat Sargi too and asked him to make him drink water for humanity.

The Good Son Sunday 10th October 2021- Zee World Update Vedant said OK and hugged Dadi. Pankhudi angry. Alkshmi told Parvati that Mahadev had used his strength. Parvati said he did not use his strength. Alkshmi asked him to see his strength and release the evil force of his e

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