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The Good Son Saturday 2nd October 2021-Zee World Update The episode began with Purva told him that he was Purva. Pankhudi said even Devi Maa came here and said it was also we would not believe that you were Purva. Dadi got up and said I accepted it as a Purva.

Does Ramesh ask how you can say this? Dadi tells about the incident of religion and said that he believed that God had sent Purva back to Vedant. Devi Parvati said everyone would agree slowly. Alkshmi said Vedant would not agree. Pankhudi told Vedant that he could not give Purva to him, even though he helped them a lot. Devi Parvati said my bhakt would not do or say something wrong. Vedant got up and said since this girl came here, he thought of my repairs and everyone. Pankhudi asks so you will accept that this is Purva.

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Vedant said his heart wanted him to accept it as Purva because he was the same as him. Dadi asks what stops it? Vedant said he was a doctor and knew that after someone died, then the certificate of death remained. Purva said he was happy that he did not call his fraud and did not say that he read Purva diaries etc. He said that his face and voice were not like Purva’s, but he could not accept defeat and could not see Vedant mourn for my death even though I was still alive. Ramesh asks what you will do, will you force us. Purva says you can take my test, I will not refuse, but this is my home and family, don’t ask me to leave.

Devi Parvati and Alkshmi watched them from the outside. Dadi came to him and held his hand. He said this girl was fraud for you, but she was a Savior for me and that’s why I want her to stay here in this house. Ramesh said this girl had to go and could not stay in Sanjeevani Sadan, she was fraud and cunning.


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Purva goes to the Inhouse Temple and prays to God, says I don’t know how to give my truth test, I leave everything on you, don’t know where to go and what to do. He kept his hand in Diya and said I felt pain with your pain (Vedant) and said if you felt it was burning Purva’s hand then said something. Vedant felt a burning sensation in his hand and ran to move his hand. He blew in his hand and cared. Pankhudi is jealous. Purva smiled at his concern. Vedant said I had decided that until I found out about you, you would stay here. Devi Parvati smiled.

Ramesh stopped Manjula from supporting his decision. Dadi said until we could treat it as a guest. He asked Purva to stay here. Parvati said I had never treated anyone with Adharm. Alkshmi said there would be many tests that were abandoned by Purva from here. He said that he would make the Pankhudi opposing it.

The Good Son Saturday 2nd October 2021-Zee World Updat Pankhudi asked Purva to come to the living room and said I would show you. Vedant still holds his hand. Pankhudi took Purva from there forcibly. He said I had driven you out of the room, then you will leave the house. He said Purva was gone, now I’m right in Vedant. Purva came to the living room and said it was the same. Pankhudi asked him to stop acting and said nothing was there.

Pankhudi said I knew that you came here, to get a Vedant, this house and wealth. Purva said he had nothing to do with their money, said I just liked Vedant. Pankhudi said not you, but I like Vedant. Purva asks even now? Pankhudi said yes, I love him even now.

He said in the past, a situation in such a way that he married my sister, but now he is mine and asks him to leave there. Purva says you have done a lot of mistakes in the past, but if you try to do it again. Pankhudi said he would drive him from Vedant’s life. Purva says this is impossible. Pankhudi called him in and said he would marry him after 3 weeks then he would be mine forever. He said this was my challenge. He goes. Purva thinks about what to do and sees the calendar where Pankhudi has marked the date.

The Good Son Saturday 2nd October 2021-Zee World UpdatDevi Parvati told Mahadev that he lost again in the game. Mahadev said Narad Muni said that the husband’s improvement was losing from a wife. Alakshmi came there and greeted them


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