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The Good Son Sunday 3rd October 2021-Zee World Update The episode began with Purva coming to Vedant’s room and said he didn’t see that he changed clothes. He said there were some important talks and entered, Dupatta was trapped at the door.

Value-free Dupatta and ask what’s the problem? Purva said Pankhudi told me that he still loved you and wanted to marry you. Vedant asked Pankhudi loved me even now and wanted to get married and was surprised. Pankhudi called someone and asked to come after 10 minutes. Purva said Pankhudi thought Purva was dead and now he can marry you. He said I told him that I was still alive and would not let this happen.

Vedant asked if I was a toy and said you were nothing for me and Pankhudi was just my Purva sister. Purva said I received this, but you knew him. He said I didn’t listen to you before when you said that he played the game and asked him to be vigilant. Vedant said when Pankhudi agreed to marry Sanju then why did he do this. They came out in the hall. Vedant said the Pankhudi was not at home.

The men brought some items and said Pankhudi got them for Shagun’s marriage. Purva says you see, he told me that he would marry you in 3 weeks and ask him to see his name written in the box. Vedant opens the box and finds PAGDI / turban. He said a cheap thing. Purva said he had crossed his limit. He called Pankhudi. Pankhudi said he was not at home and ended the call. Purva said he was still behind you, behind his brother’s husband. Vedant asked him to stop acting like Purva.

The Good Son Sunday 3rd October 2021-Zee World Update Devi Parvati and Alkshmi played Chaucer. Alkshmi said he would win here and at Vedant’s house. Dadi and Manjangan came out and asked Vedant about Shagun’s things. Pankhudi came there with JI Pandit and saw Vedant. Vedant asks why did you send Pagdi and what Pandit did here? Pankhudi said after on the left, there was no one in my family and that’s why only Vedant has the right to this Pagdi. He asks if this is a joke. Pankhudi said he did what he thought was right. Sanju came and said things came. Vedant said you didn’t stop it. Sanju said no and asked Pandit Ji to take a date quickly.

Vedant said you two married and survived. Sanju hugged him. Vedant gave a happy Pankhudi. Purva asks why Vedant’s name is written in this box. Pankhudi said only Vedant from his family and would welcome the guests wearing Pagdi. He made him wear PAGDI.

Vedant asked about Mahurat. Pandit Ji said after 3 weeks. Dadi says we will make arrangements. Manjula said Purva left a few days back. Vedant said he couldn’t go back, so I won’t stop the marriage of Sanju and Pankhudi. He made Pankhudi and Sanju have candy. Vedant asked him to find out if there was a need.

Pankhudi said thank you and hug him. Purva looked at him. Pankhudi looked at Purva and said you really helped us and I would feel good if you stayed to get married and we could all take care of you. He made him eat candy and hug him. He whispered in his ears that Mahurat would be the same, a day after Diwali, but the groom would be Dr. Tripathi Vedant. Purva was surprised. Sanju happily hugged Dadi.

Alkshmi told Devi Parvati that he would win and have decided what to ask. Chaucer fabric falls. Mahadev came there. Alkshmi said you helped your wife win. Mahadev said I stopped you from cheating my wife. Parvati said you betrayed me in the game too. Alkshmi said he had done this in all Yug. Parvati says you can’t cheat with Mahadev. Vedant took Purva to the room and asked if he started playing the game with him. Purva thinks he won’t believe me.

Pankhudi came there and asked why you marked my wedding date. He said that day I would be inside and you would be outside. Vedant said I hope you are looking for a house at that time. Pankhudi slipped intentionally. Vedant hugged him and they left.

The Good Son Sunday 3rd October 2021-Zee World Update Parvati asked Mahadev about what Alksmi asked and asked him to tell. He said he would defeat him. Mahadev said you had to defeat him with kindness. PURV.

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