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The Good Son Monday 4th October 2021-Zee World Update The episode starts with Purva Thinking Vedant smart and will understand, but if the Pankhudi conspires. He was worried. He saw Sanju and went to him. He congratulated him. Sanju asked how he was sweet to him. Purva said he became lonely. Sanju asked him to tell his secret. Purva said he wanted him to believe that he was Purva. He asked if you were saving for your event with Pankhudi after marriage.

Sanju said there were no savings because Pankhudi knew that my MBBS was not finished. Purva says people might say that you might use your wife’s money. Sanju asks what I can do. Purva asked him to come and said I would tell you what to do.

Sumitan brought some items to the house. Narendra said you had to call me to hold these things. Sumitan said he had just bought 30000. Ramesh thought about what I would get from him if he spent everything. He asked him to give him all the money so he could invest. Smith said he would live his life, as he wanted.

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Pankhudi told Vedant that he was afraid of seeing the patient’s condition and said his decision was right. He asked for a file. He asked him to rest and eat sandwiches. He took out his apron. Purva and Sanju come there. Purva says Sanju comes here so I come with him. Sanju signed Purva. Vedant asks what works? Sanju said our marriage was in 3 weeks, so I wanted to do the job to get money. Pankhudi said your MBBS was not finished. Sanju said there must be some work. Vedant said there was a job at the HR dept. Sanju thank you and a verdant hug. Pankhudi said that the Dept. He remote and said we would be far away.

The Good Son Monday 4th October 2021-Zee World Update  Purva tells Dadi about everything. Dadi said I would talk with Vedant. Purva said Pankhudi had proven me wrong in front of him. Dadi said I’ve said that he is not right. He said Dadi Vedant was here. Purva said Pankhudi and Vedant would be together at the hospital. Dadi asked him to be in a hospital with a Vedant. Purva asks what will I do? Dadi shows newspaper advertisements that Vedant requires a secretary. Purva said Vedant would not hire me as a secretary.

Dadi said I had an idea. They saw Vedant and Pankhudi came home. Purva acts to wipe the floor. Pankhudi and Vedant sit on the couch. Pankhudi began talking to him about patients. Purva asked him to give 20000 hospitals because he did not allow his Purva items. Pankhudi said you would take refuge in this house and it was enough. Purva said I talked to my husband.

Pankhudi said he did not consider you his wife. Vison asked him to do work. Dadi advised him to hire him in the hospital. He said he couldn’t get a job outside because he didn’t have aadhaar card. Pankhudi asks if he will work as a nurse. Dadi said no and asked him to appoint him as the personal assistant he needed. Vedant asked the personal assistant.

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Purva said I would work as a waiter here and asked for Dadi to give down payment. Dadi signed it. Vedant said no and appointed him as his secretary. He goes. Dadi also entered. Purva hugged the Pankhudi and said we are now colleagues and say that he will become Caesi to save her husband. He goes. Pankhudi is angry. Mahadev tells Parvati, how the journey of tension smiles. Parvati said with intelligence and said what evil would do now.

Pankhudi came to Purva and asked if he thought he would seize Vedant from him. Purva said I would be with my husband all the time now. Purva takes a knife from there and says you take it with so many rights. Vedant asked Manjang if he saw the Pankhudi. Manjula said he went to Purva’s room. He said you also called his Purva. Manjula asked him to tell his name if he knew. He goes.

The Good Son Monday 4th October 2021-Zee World Update Pankhudi warned Purva. Purva said I learned to handle your anger in childhood and turned his hand, making a fell knife. Pankhudi thought he turned his hand like Purva. Purva said that he would win his heart into his PA. Vedant comes there and asks what you are

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