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The Good Son Friday8th October 2021- Zee World Update The episode began with Purva asking vedant to give him respect for his wife and said that I was married and your wife, he took Sindoor in his hand and said I would not show you right, but please give me your wife’s rights. He walked towards him.

Parvati Ji said the Vedant’s heart was very smooth and he would fill in Maang with Sindoor. Pankhudi threw the glass frame by purva and said it was due to an error.

Purva walks towards Vedant, stepping on the pieces of glass. Everyone was surprised. Hare Ram … playing … Alakshmi says that your Purva and Gyaan tears are all waste.

Parvati said I thought you had a woman’s heart. Alkshmi said but my heart had all the bad things. Mahadev appeared before them. Parvati asked Mahadev to make Purva get his rights. He said whatever was destined to happen. Alkshmi said
That means they will lose.


Mahadev said time would notify, if Parvati’s trust wins or your intelligence. Purva walked to Vedant and gave him a sindoor bottle. He took and remembered seeing Purva death, the last rite etc. He said you’re not my Purva and what you want me to do, just purva rights. Alkshmi asked Mahadev what he would do and said Bhakt Parvati made him lose.

Vedant said this was not only Sindoor, but the feeling shared between husband and wife and asked him not to do drama with him. He turned to leave, Slip stepped on the glass and Sindoor in his hand applied to the purva forehead.

Purva gets teary eyes. Dadi and Manju smile. Parvati told the Alksmi that his strength was useful for him. He said Vedant filled Maang Purva. Dadi tells Purva that God has given its decision. Manjula asked him to apply Mehendi in his hand and stay fast.

The Good Son Friday 8th October 2021- Zee World Update Dadi asked the woman if she objected. Lady said when God had given his approval then who we would object. Vedant heard it. Dadi asked the Pankhudi to wrap his legs. Pankhudi and Purva get Mehendi applied to his feet. They have Mehendi. Purva saw V in the hands of the Pankhudi. Pankhudi asked if V was more beautiful than him and asked him to tell Vedant.

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Parvati asked Mahadev why they were worried about seeing Vedants in trouble. Mahadev told that Vedant and his family used to live in the Ant Navy and were destroyed because of you. He said we would help him.

Pankhudi and other women gathered to eat Sargi. They start eating. Manjula said I would call Purva. Purva came there and said I didn’t know why the alarm died. Pankhudi asked him to say that someone came to his room quietly and turned off the alarm.

At that time the sun appeared and Purva could not eat anything. Pankhudi asked him to eat and say it wasn’t for

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Purva said he would remainn fast and Vedant would destroy it quickly. Sanju came to Pankhudi and insisted on looking at his hand. He said if you look at your early in my hand then you won’t work. Sanju continued his eyes in his eyes, and wondered if Manjula knew about it.

Parvati told Mahadev that he fasted today and asked him to bring fruits, by making money and bought it for him. He said we were eternal and I lived Bairagi’s life. He said let’s see what Bhakt did? Purva came to the Vedant room and fell to him, when he opened the door. He fell on him.

She woke up. Purva told him that Pankhudi got V written in his hand. Vedant asks why you pursue Pankhudi and ask if he is angry? Purva said his intention was not good, check himself.

The Good Son Friday 8th October 2021- Zee World Update Recap: Pankhudi tells Purva that Vedant will destroy it quickly. Sanju asked Veedant to bring some items to the Pankhudi. Then Pankhudi asked Vedant if he could come with

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