The Good Son Saturday 9th October 2021- Zee World Update

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The Good Son Saturday 9th October 2021- Zee World Update The episode began with Vedant thinking the girl lied to me before too. He thought he made him doubt Pankhudi.

Pankhudi came to ask about patient files and retrieve files. Vedant asked him to show his Mehendi. He asked why? Vedant said he liked it. Pankhudi said of course and walked towards him.

The Good Son 8th October 2021- Zee World Update

He cleverly made the glass fall and hit his hand with a glass piece to hurt his palm where V was written.

Purva came there and saw Vedant compensing his palm. Pankhudi said my patient was waiting and gone. Vedant told Purva that he knew that he knew that Pankhudi tried to harm Purva and him and asked him not to use it.

The Good Son Saturday 9th October 2021- Zee World Update He said when I asked him to show my hand to me, he agreed immediately. Purva said Pankhudi was good at lying. Vedant said he would not be confident if he was

lie. Purva said that Pankhudi was a confident liar. Vedant asked him not to make their relationship dirty.

Mahadev tells Parvati that he will go to earth. Parvati asked him whether he would help him. Mahadev said I couldn’t help you. Parvati said he did not know what Alakshmi would do. Mahadev said whatever happened was per destiny.

Purva cry. Pankhudi came to him and acted to cry. He said V hidden under the bandage. Purva said it was good that my face changed, now I have seen your real face and will save Vedant. Pankhudi said you had become more confident and said that he would destroy it quickly and he (Purva) would not get the chance to see his face too. Purva says if you don’t let it go home, then I will come to the hospital..

Pankhudi said we would go to Delhi. He said when the moon appeared, I would see it and then Vedant. Then I will ask him to give water, but when he tries to give me water, then I will hurt hands and items on the other side, so he will be forced to make me drink water. Purva says you are very cheap. Pankhudi said Vedant was only mine.

The Good Son 5th October 2021- Zee World Update

Alakshmi came to Parvati and said it was a miracle that you sent your husband on earth and you sit here with the eyes closed. Parvati said he had remained fast and asked him to stay fast for Ca. Alkshmi said Caali was born when Wish fell in the water and said they were eternal.

Parvati said Mahadev went to earth and would help their blade. Pankhudi called Sanju and asked him to go for the HR recruiting meeting. He said he had to go to the market to buy Suhaag’s goods for him. Pankhudi asked him to ask Dr. Vedant to take him, say he wants his nose always high.

Sanju is happy and left. Vedant dictated the letter while Purva wrote it. Sanju came and asked him to get Suhaag’s goods for the Pankhudi. Purva says only the husband who bought it. Vedant scolded him for disturbing you and told Sanju who he would bring.

Sanju left. Pankhudi came there and asked for a Vedant if he could come with him to Delhi. He said he didn’t ask him like today he was fasting. He said he would manage and had booked their tickets.

Purva was surprised and out. Pankhudi gave him a handkerchief and asked him to cry. Purva said he would hold an important conference and not because, he wanted to go from me. Pankhudi said he made a conference it was important for Vedant and also sent Sanjue to him to buy the items.

Purva asked God to do something and help him.Mahadev came to the same shop as Vedant shopping for Pankhudi.

The Good Son Saturday 9th October 2021- Zee World Update He told the shopkeeper that he wanted to buy mid items and asked the shopkeeper to give him some work first because he had no money. The shopkeeper asked him to leave and said he was not a fool. Vedant found his familiar


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