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The Good Son Friday 15th October 2021:The episode began with Purva coming to the hospital and asked CCTV operators to show CCTV footage.He showed the recording and for one of the cam, they saw access was rejected.

Purva asked him to find out. He said the camera was stored somewhere. Dadi asked Vedant to refuse marriage. Vedant said I had decided and theought he could not tell Dadi about Pankhudi.

He thought the Pankhudi was dangerous and could endanger Sanju. Pankhudi checked Sanju on CCTV footage and went to give him another dose. Sumitan and Manjula come there. Sumitan said Pankhudi might have married.

Manjula said he must be at home. Pankhudi came to the warehouse and said I got fruit to take you all this month and give him another dose. Pandit Ji told Vedant that Mahurat was 9 nights. Vedant asked him to get married at 10 pm and said

He is not in a hurry. Purva returns home and signs not for Vedant. Manju and Sumitan came to Dadi and said Pankhudi lost. Dadi saw him walking in the corridor.

Manju and Sumitan went to call him. Dadi prayed to God for Vedant and Purva togetherness and asked to stop marriage. Devi Parvati and Mahadev come there.

Devi Parvati asked Purva about Vedant’s wedding with Pankhudi. Purva said he did this to respect his family and said I had failed. Devi Parvati said will you let your love run easily? Purva says you say rightt. Manjula brought the Pankhudi there.

The Good Son Friday 15th October 2021:Pankhudi sat in the mandap. Purva saw the phone in his hand and thought he had to keep an eye on Sanju through his cellphone. Purva came to Sumitan and said that Pankhudi was busy on the phone when all guests came to attend his wedding

Sumiti went there and took the phone from Pankhudi. He then returned to Purva and said he took the phone. Purva took the phone from his hand and typed the date of birth of the Pankhudi as a password and opened. Purva checks CCTV recordings and sees hospitals and dark places.

He thinks what it is? Mahadev came to Parvati and asked, can I help Purva? Mahadev said you could help him. Devi Parvati made a flashing warehouse. Purva saw flashing light on CCTV too and warehouse.

Vedant looks for Purva from Sehra. Pandit Ji said the puja was finished and asked them to stand up for a round. Pankhudi got up with a smile. Vedant also wakes up. Purva came there and notified Vedant that Sanju was in the warehouse.

He destroyed the door and went inside, asked where you were Sanju? Purva asked him to check the box and they saw Sanju unconscious there. He told Dadi that Sanju was here. Everyone comes into the warehousee.

Purva asked for a Vedant to see bombed bombs to Sanju. Vedant said it was activated and asked them to take Sanju.

Ramesh asked for a Vedant to save Sanju and asked them to go outside. He sat holding a bomb in his hand. Purva took it out and came to Vedant. Pankhudi went to sit Vedant holding a bomb.

Purva sat holding his hand and hugged him. Parvati and Mahadev told that Vedant would realize his love for him. Vedant asked him to leave. Purva says I won’t go and say that your family needs you, you’re a king of beta.

He asked him to go and said I was back once and will come back again. Vedant said he would not leave. Purva says ok, if we can’t live together than to die together. Vedant said I couldn’t lose you anymore.

He said there might be something here and got a cutter. He hugged him again. Vedant cut wire and opened his eyes. Purva also opened his eyes and cried happily. Vedant hugged him and cried.

The Good Son Friday 15th October 2021:They came out of the warehouse. Ramesh stood there. Vedant called him. Ramesh came to him and said I called you Gudadi Lal, Inse

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