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The Good Son full story Plot Casts Summary Teasers
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The Good Son Monday 11th October :The episode began with Purva colliding with guests and he dressed began to tear. Vedant saw it and walked to Purva. He kept his hand on his shoulder. Purva kept his hand at the waist. He said let it be. Vedant asked him to be silent and said he was dressed in stitches opened.

He was surprised. He took him to the room and asked him to sew and exit. Purva said he did not know how to sew and asked him to sew into a complete package. Vedant sits for sewing. Tapped the Pankhudi at the door.

They say 1 minute. After stitching clothes, Vedant woke up to leave. Purva thanks you. Vedant said I would do the same thing with another girl too.

Purva says why is your hand tremble? Vedant asked him not to expect he would feel sick again. They came out of the room. Pankhudi said you were both together.

Purva said that he was dressed in stitches opened so that Vedant was sewn. He said the Chudail did this. Pankhudi said you would call me to sew your clothes. Purva said Vedant was with me and he knew this operation and seam stitches too. Vedant’s own reason.


The Good Son full story Plot Casts Summary Teasers

Purva Thank you for Tamasha Haldi and now dressed in damage. They come to the hall. Dadi asked Vedant where did he take Purva? Vedant said he was talking to PA about something.

Dadi asked Purva dancing. Sumitan and Sanju dancing. Purva and Pankhudi dance in the main elaichi oak laung song … he took a dancing vedant. Pankhudi dances with Sanju and Purva Dancing waste gas around Vedant. Pankhudi hit his legs in Purva made him fall on the Vedant.

Vedant and Purva have a bad fall and the last gets sick. Pankhudi said sorry and his ridicule. Purva said Vedant hugged me at the right time. Dadi asked Vedant to check his feet. Check her vedant and ask him to rest. Dadi and Manjula asked Vedant to take him to the room.

Vedant hesitated lifting it. Purva held Pankhudi’s hand and blinked his eyes. Purva said Vedant that he could hear his heartbeat and said there was still time for love. He took him to the room and asked him to apply medicine.

Zee World The Good Son October 2021 Teasers- Season Finale

The Good Son Monday 11th October :

He will leave, but change and look when he has trouble applying. He came to him, took an ointment and applies to his feet. Purva says you will send someone to apply an ointment. Vedant said the party happened below and me you … doctor. He asked him to rest. Purv smil

Alkshmi spoke to Parvati and asked why Kaamdev increased love in the heart of Vedant for Purva. Devi Parvati said it was love nature in his heart.

Sanju said Pankhudi that if it would not be a doctor then he would dancer and said that his friend said that he would be their dance video virus. Pankhudi’s shout at him, threw a telephone and asked him to leave. Sanju shouted Pankhu. The Pankhudi chef is a fake story and his fools.

Purva comes to this Vedant room. He asked about his pain. Purva said he was fine and gavee him a watch, which he kept in his room.

He took out the kurta from the closet. Purva cough and no signs. He took another. He coughed and signs were not there. He took out the third kurta and found him away. He coughed.

The Good Son Monday 11th October :He peeked inside and good signs. He asked him to drink ginger kada for coughing. He said you joked well. He coughed and thought his choice was good.

Precap: Pankhudi in an effort to separate Purva and Vedant, compromise with a gas cylinder in the kitchen and lock the inside purva. Purva feels suffocated, vedant and fainted.


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