The Good Son Sunday 17th October 2021

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The Good Son Sunday 17th October 2021:The episode starts with Parvati and Laxmi who discusses Vedant and Pankhudi. Laxmi said I would make the Pankhudi prove the identity of the fake Purva. Jo

He goes. Shiv says you have brought change, it’s a consequence. Pankhudi said who can send Purva here, he is not Purva, how he can come, whether his friend helps. He checked several diaries. Vedant gets Purva for everyone.

He said Purva approved the marriage. Maa hugged them and blessed. Ramesh said everyone would remember your marriage, it would be magnificent. Laxmi came to help Pankhudi. He made the Pankhudi see a laptop. Pankhudi read the story and said it was his secret.

Purva comes to Vedant. He said I would arrive early, Vedant couldn’t be late. He remembered their moments. He woke him up and apologized. He asked him to apologize. He said you didn’t

Give me it first. He said the problem, we will marry at the temple today. His dupatta was trapped there. He said I was another person for you, we had to stop until marriage. He smiled. He said sorry, I think you hold my dupatta, drink tea. He goes.

The Good Son Sunday 17th October 2021:He gave tea for everyone. He said it was a difficult day for Sanju, he would get hurt. Everyone nodded. Vedant comes. Sanju said we would keep the grand vedant wedding. MAA says Pandit will give us a shubh mahurat for it.

He got a Pandit phone. He said Pandit said there was no mahurat today, it would be good if they got married tomorrow. He said it was fine, don’t be angry, I’ll take Purva to shop today and we will get married tomorrow.

Pankhudi came and asked how if this marriage was canceled. He asked why did you come here. He said I have something to show, this is the truth of this fraud, Purva laptop, he has written everything about his life, this girl gets a laptop and he comes here to take advantage. He didn’t check anything.

He said I only knew, he was not a fraud. He asked you thought I was lying. He said I like this girl, I will marry her. He said you were wrong, he wasn’t Purva.

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Destiny Full Story Teasers Summary Plot


He said don’t say anything now, come out. Pankhudi left. Vedant and Purva meet each other. They go shopping. Purva says you have bought many things. Pankhudi followed him.

A man goes to Purva and says we need you again, that’s good you are here, whether you do this for money, find out the combination of father’s lockers.

He asks what you say. Vedant asks why you disturb him. The man said he didn’t recognize me. Vedant said he didn’t know you. They go. The man called someone and said I just saw it. Pankhudi asks if you know the girl, what help you want.

Vedant asks why you are upset. Purva said we should hear that man, maybe he knew about this face, a true story. Vedant said I didn’t want to believe anyone, I love you, I’ll marry you. He asked how with this face identity.

He said I wouldn’t ask and wouldn’t try to know. He said we had to get an answer. The man said I would answer you, making me meet the girl.

Pankhudi said alright, tell me about him. He said his name was Niyati, he came here to work, my wife was happy with her job, she got our photo framed. He showed the pic.

He said but what work he did, how he helped you. He said he made people talk to the soul of the dead. FB shows Purva helps couples talk to the soul. The person asked his father about the account number.

The Good Son Sunday 17th October 2021:He recorded the number. He said we want him to come again and help us. Pankhudi said he had hid his past and became someone else.

The man said this girl was Niyati Pradhan. He shows evidence. Vedant said his actual paper. Pankhudi S.

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