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The Good Son Thursday 14th October 2021:The episode began with Pankhudi felt sorry for Sanaju and said that he did not know what happened to him. He took him out of bed and put a few drops in his mouth and pushed him down the bed.

Purva came there and asked where Sanju? Pankhudi said he would have realized that I did not love him and that’s why he left.

Purva says I know this is done by you and ask what you want? Pankhudi said whatever happened to Purva was repeated. He asked him to tell you how purva and Vedant were married.

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Purva said Rahul left me and Nani threatened to commit suicide and that was why Vedant married me.

Pankhudi said Vedant would do the same thing, when my groom left me. He said Vedant was the king of beta and would marry me to save the family respect. Purva said I would tell Vedant everything. Pankhudi asks if you are

Think that he will trust you? Purva said yes, because he liked me. Pankhudi asked him to go and convince Vedant to marry me, I would kill Sanju. Purva came to Vedant and thought to tell him.

Vedant said Soham got info about a man. Purva thinks maybe the man is Sanju. The Pankhudi hypnotized Sanju with Sammohan race and took him out of the room while making him wear a saree. Sumitan asks who he is? Pankhudi said chachi. Sumitan greeted it.

The Good Son Thursday 14th October 2021:Pankhudi took Sanju to the hospital and made him lie on a big stem. He gave him injection and thought this medicine was good, first used in fraud and then at this Sanju. He locked the luggage and left.

Vedant returned home and told Purva that the man was not Sanju. Purva will tell him about Sanju, when Manjula shouted and called Purva.

Pankhudi tried to stab himself and then squeeze it emotionally Vedant ask who would marry a girl who was left behind.

He asked what? Do you feel sorry for me. He said I did my job and compensated for my sister’s mistake, I saved my family’s prestige. He asked Manju to prepare it. Pankhudi signed Purva. Purva was surprised.

Devi Parvati told Mahadev that Pankhudi tried to marry Vedant. Mahadev said Pankhudi loved Vedant.

Devi Parvati said Cinta Pankhudi was not love because love could not be selfish. He asked what was in Purva’s fate. Mahadev didn’t tell him. Ramesh came there and asked Dadi what we would convey to the guests if they asked us about Sanju.

Dadi said Vedant agreed to marry Pankhudi. Ramesh said that Vedant’s eyes were in the Pankhudi. Purva came to Vedant and said he wanted to tell him something. Vedant said he knew that Pankhudi got Sanju was kidnapped and he agreed to marry him so he didn’t hurt him. Purva was surprised.

Vedant said here, two guilty people, one was Pankhudi and the other was me. He said you tried reminding me of Pankhudi, but I never trusted you. He said he was worried for Sanju and he was his brother, even though he did not consider me his brother.

He said Sanju was his Jaan and he had to marry Pankhudi for him. Ramesh heard them. Manjangan made the Pankhudi ready and feel bad for Sanju’s actions.

Pankhudi said I didn’t know that he would do this. Purva came there and sent Manjula to get ready. He asked the Pankhudi about Sanju.

.Pankhudi said he would tell him about him after marrying Vedant. He said he was still alive and took a breath. Purva came to Vedant and told him everything. Vedant said he had to be in the hospital. Purva said he would go and check.

The Good Son Thursday 14th October 2021:Vedant asked him to come quickly, say if he arrived late then he had to marry the Pankhudi he didn’t want. Purva began to walk and stop, asked him to let him go, I did this for myself because I couldn’t bear to see your marriage

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