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The Good Son Tuesday 12 October Zee World: The episode began with Pankhudi making Baati and said that Nani taught him this and said that they would be connected with their religion. Vedant brings Purva there. Dadi asked him to sit down.

Purva sitting. Dadi asked Purva to color Kalash and present to God.

He then gave Kalash to Purva. Pankhudi said I would be a shoulder. Dadi said yes, but Purva had given me. Vedant went to the hospital to do puja. Manjula asked Purva not angry.

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Sumitan asked them both to prepare Kalash them and said we would present the best Kalash in the temple. Purva made it preparing it and save it on a plate.

The Pankhudi showed his caleas and said it was finished. Purva said Kalash I was stored for drying. Pankhudi realized that the color of her kalash was wet and angry. Dadi said today you two have learned to be patient.

The Good Son Tuesday 12 October Zee World: Vedant came to the hospital and asked the nurse to make a puja arrangement. The nurse / receptionist said that Pa Madam had done it and called employees too. Vedant said OK. He said Pa Madam was good. Vedant smiled and said yes.

Then he came home and did a puja with everyone. Pankhudi compromised with the kitchen door and gas cylinder and came out. He tried to provoke Sumiti against Purva and asked him to ask Purva to make tea. Sumitan said if he would reject me. Purva said I would do it later. Sumitan asked him to make tea now.

Purva goes to the kitchen. Pankhudi locked the door from the outside. Purva is looking for tea dust and gets a gas smell.

He will come out, but find the door locked.He shouted for Vedant. Mahadev and Parvati talked to each other. Mahadev prayed that this Deepavali would benefit everyone

Parvati said many noise or noise was not needed to celebrate it. He said yes. Parvati closed her eyes. Purva shouted for Dadi and Vedant and felt weakness.

Vedant burns crackers outside with family members. Purva shouted for help and fainted, while all family members were outside the home.

Purva asked the Pankhudi if he saw Purva. Pankhudi said you did the limit and asked if he considered it as a purva. Vedant said no one could take his purva place and said I considered him another girl called Purva. Coughing Dadi.

Vedant said I would bring water. Pankhudi stopped him and said he would bring. He entered, looked at the kitchen and thought he became silent. Vedant came there and asked for a call.

Pankhudi asked him to take water for Dadi and said he would look for his phone and bring. He came out and gave water to Dadi. Parvati comes there.

Sumitan asks if your house is near. Parvati said he came to hope they enjoyed Diwali. Vedant and Dadi took him inside. Devi Parvati asked about Purva.

Pankhudi said he went to change his clothes. Parvati asks for water. Vedant will take water from a jug, but Parvati asks him to get Matka water. He said it was in the kitchen.

Pankhudi said I would bring. Parvati asked whether all responsibilities were yours to make other people drink water and asked him to sit with him. Vedant went to the kitchen and found the door locked.

Sumiti comes and says fake Purva does not make tea until now. Vedant was surprised to find the smell of gas out. Pankhudi became tense.

Vedant breaks the door and goes inside. He found him fainted on the floor and took him out. He asked him to open his eyes and pump his heart.

The Good Son Tuesday 12 October Zee World: He then gave a mouth resuscitation to mouth. He opened his eyes and closed it again. He asked Sanju to take the car, lift it and took it out. Dadi prayed to Devimaa.

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