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The Good Son full story Plot Casts Summary Teasers
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The Good Son Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World: The episode began with Vedant who told God not to punish Purva after his purva died. He said I didn’t know why he made me believe in the existence of Purva, but he knew everything about my purva. He asked God not to take it from him.

Dadi came to him and said that Purva came out of danger now. He came to Purva and asked how he was? Purva smiles.

He hugged him and then said sorry. Pankhudi jealous and leave. Alkshmi told Devi Parvati, you went there and saved your blade. Parvati asks you to kill Purva. Alkshmi said yes and said that Pankhudi would try hard to fulfill his wishes.

Vedant and Purva return home. Flower shop makes flowers fall on mistaken. Dadi says you do it right. He asked him to do Rasam by Jija. Then Purva touches the wrong coconut. Father

Saying it was good as the sister and her husband did Rasam.Pankhudi thought Vedant would be angry at Purva, but Vedant took the coconut from his hands smiling.
Vedant comes to Purva.

Purva wears a ring. He helped him wear and ask if he was fine. Then Purva came to Pankhudi and said Sanju loved me a lot and asked him to give a lot of love to him.

Pankhudi asks if you think that I will marry Sanju and ask him to get out and hear something. They call Sanju, but the phone is in the hall. Sumitan said Sanju disappeared, Purva was surprised.

The Good Son Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World: Devi Parvati told Alkshmi why she punished Sanju. Alkshmi said whatever he did was because of me. Sumitan said that Sanju married ran away. Ramesh said he loved the Pankhudi and wanted to marry her. Sumitan said the wedding groom was practicing. Pankhudi acts to cry.

A guest woman came and heard it. Ramesh asked him to go to the guest house. He said he came at the right time. Pankhudi said that he would die and drink phenyl. Vedant grabbed the bottle from his hand. Ramesh said he would vomit. Pankhudi acts fainted. Vedant said I would bring Sanju.

Then the Pankhudi asked why did you save me? Vedant said I would bring Sanju. Pankhudi asked him to go and bring Sanju, say he could bear this insulted life more. He signed Prurva that he acted and acted to cry embraced Manjula.

Parvati told Mahadev that Pankhudi played with a vedant’s mind again. Narayan said what was written in fate would occur. Parvati asks what the destiny will have? Narayan said he would be trapped between love for Purva and responsibility for the family. Ramesh, Narendra and Vedant tried to find out about him. Manjula cry.

Pankhudi was in his room and thought only 4 hours left. He said Sanju did not know what had happened to him. He came to his bachelor’s party at home and mixed several drugs in drinks and gave him. All his friends left home.

The Good Son Wednesday 13th October 2021 Zee World: Sanju fainted. FB ends. Pankhudi felt sorry for Sanju and said he had to give the next dose to Sanju, otherwise he would start talking about marriage. He took him out of the bed to give him injection. Manjula tells Dadi that his son left him would be his wife. Vedant said he would take him.

Precap: Pankhudi asks who will marry her now? Vedant said I would marry you and asked Manju to prepare it.


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