The Impact Of Social Media On University Students.

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The impact of social media on university students.

The rapid increase of technological advancement in this era especially social media has made a lot of The Impact Of Social Media On University Students. Social media has made so much impact on

And it has affected all areas of society positively or negatively

In this post am going to update the impact of social media on the university student.

Social media has made a lot of impact on students both in secondary and higher education.

It is very obvious to note almost every student anywhere has activity on social media.

The impact of social media on students I grouped into two headings:

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The positive impact:

quick information

Social media platformsn: have a lot of good for this entire generation, it has been a very big tool that carries information very fast from one place to another worldwide.

A student who is always on social media has a lot to learn because they are always updated about the latest news on the ground both in the social world and academia.

There is no kind of valuable information that you can’t find on Facebook e .g during the endears program in Nigeria facebook was one of the major platforms that spread the information about what is happening in Nigeria.

Twitter also was very active then confidential information was spread through the internet.

In fact, any student who engages a little time on the socials is always updated and smart even in the academia they are always rated very intelligent because they are very vast to gather information’s

Improvement of social lifestyle:

Some student has a very poor social lifestyle. And this affects their general ability in schools.

This is because most of the students do not identify with the social media activities especially those that were restricted by their parents from home.

They find it very difficult to communicate and interact with their fellow student not to talk of the student. And this slows down their rate of learning.

It keeps them busy:

Most are times when a student has nothing to do he or she finds the joy to spend time on the social media, gathering information, and interacting with friends.

At this point in time, the loneliness of the day has been taking away from them and they have given themselves

Every day we read every hour we read from social media.

Negative impacts:

It creates tension in the mindset of the student:

Social media is a place that is filled with fake life, most time students are carried away by the fake life they see on social media.

This is why you see some students who will start to do all manner ill things to meet up with the social trend this is a very difficult thing to do because you can live a life you are not prepared to live. And you can give what you don’t have no matter how hard you try what you will do is to start going the extra mile which definitely lands into trouble this is one of the reasons we see on that same social media that a young normal student will go and commit suicide because he or she feels she is not meeting up.

Not knowing that 80% of things we see on Facebook daily are not real most are all fake just to create attention.


Distraction is the major problem most university students face as an impact of social media, the media is a very big distraction to students because they spend more time on the internet charting with their friends instead of using those time to read their books and prepare for their exams.

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Exam failure:

In a situation where students focus on their phone chatting with their friends.

They fail to read their books,

Because they are always on the internet doing irrelevant things,

at a point in time where they should have being busy reading their books.

It creates a lot of anxiety and depression:

Anxiety is one of the major negative impacts that society makes on the student.

They struggle to meet up with what they are seeing on social media.


Many students are scammed through social media because it is very easy to deceive someone on social media, not in real life.

Subjects to offensive comments on their post on Facebook.

Engaging in unhealthy behaviors just to get more likes and followers:

Some students do what they have not done before just because they want to be known on face book, the need more like, some even go as far as changing their moral ethics just to draw attention to their life.

Having no time for self-reflection:

The lack of time for students to think about their life and what they want to do with their life is now a very big problem no time for self-reflection at all this has made society produce graduates who lack initiative.

Pornographic effects

Sometimes students are influenced by the nude pictures they see on social media. Because whatever the eyes see the brain will start saying something about it.

Unfavorable comparison:

Some students compare themselves with what they see on social media and this is very bad because.

It can change a student’s attitude towards life.

Social media has done us more harm than good where most of our students hardly pass exams because they are always online chatting with their friends instead of reading their books.

Nevertheless, social media also have a great impact on the student positively.

There are a lot of reasons why students pay more attention to social media rather than their books.

But it is very important that the attention students give to social media should be divided 70-30.

Seventy to their books and 30 to the media so that the issue of massive exam failure will be reduced.


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