The Insolent Heart Teasers January 2022 Starlife

Insolent Heart On Starlife Saturday 8th January 2022
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The Insolent Heart Teasers January 2022

Saturday 1 January 2022

Episode 73

Abeer’s auntie requests that Meher assist her with purchasing presents for Suman and Devki. Afterward, she requests that Meher pay for the gifts. She then, at that point, claims to really focus on Meher before Abeer. She requests that Kuber extend to an employment opportunity to Meher in his organization and enlightens him concerning her arrangement.

Episode 74

Meher apologizes to Abeer for her error and illuminates him about the agreement. Abeer’s auntie attempts to incite him against Meher and trusts in Kuber about her arrangement to isolate the two. Kuber prevents Meher from going out for supper with Abeer.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Episode 75

Abeer resents Meher for supporting Kuber. Afterward, he designs an impromptu get-together for her. Abeer’s auntie converses with Meher about his crazy consumption. He gets disturbed when Meher requests that he not spend Kuber’s cash.

Episode 76

Nissar enlightens Kuber regarding Meher and Abeer’s battle. Abeer’s auntie intends to incite him against Meher by welcoming her to Kuber’s party. Madhavi persuades Abeer to go to Meher’s birthday celebration. Abeer derides Meher when Kuber chooses her as the showcasing head. Afterward, Meher will not acknowledge the work.

Monday 3 January 2022

Episode 77

Abeer misjudges Meher and becomes irate with her. Abeer’s auntie presumes that Meher is pregnant. Nisar attempts to induce Abeer against Meher, who imparts her misfortunes to Madhavi. Abeer doesn’t need Meher to have a child. Meher discovers that Abeer is in Singapore.

Episode 78

Abeer tells an oblivious Meher that he laments every one of his choices. The specialist illuminates Abeer about Meher’s recuperation. Abeer informs everybody regarding it. Abeer’s auntie and Kuber plan to kill Meher! Kuber undermines Nisar and requests that he kill Meher.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Episode 79

Meher turns into the CEO at Abeer’s office. Abeer inconveniences Meher and outrages her. Meher meets with a mishap and is hospitalized. Abeer is stunned on finding out with regards to Meher’s mishap. Kuber and Abeer’s auntie intend to kill Meher. Kuber utilizes Nisar to kill Meher. Will Nisar prevail in his central goal?

Episode 80

Nisar stows away from being seen by Abeer. He illuminates Kuber that he has done the work. Be that as it may, the specialists figure out how to save Meher. Devki reprimands Abeer for his carelessness. He sympathizes with his distress with his audience members. Abeer petitions God for Meher’s prosperity and feels alleviated when she recaptures awareness.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Episode 81

Suman consoles Abeer. Kuber gets irate when he discovers that Meher’s fine. The family invites Meher home. Abeer apologizes and requests that Meher wed him once more. Suman educates Devki concerning Abeer’s affection for Meher. Meher reviews Kuber’s reactions when Abeer chooses to remain at her place.

Episode 82

Meher illuminates Suman and Devki that Abeer has gone to Singapore. Suman attempts to persuade Kuber to repair Abeer and Meher’s relationship. Kuber sends the legal documents to Meher. Devki advises Meher to request a divorce settlement of Rs 2.5 crore from Abeer. Abeer lets Meher know that he doesn’t need a separation.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Episode 83

Abeer becomes inebriated whenever Meher won’t allow their relationship another opportunity. Meher reviews an episode when Abeer has dropped in the wake of becoming inebriated. Afterward, she conveys Abeer home and takes him to his room. Abeer demands Meher to remain back with him once and for all.

Episode 84

Abeer observes Meher’s note hoping everything works out for him for his life. Kuber discovers that Meher has would not acknowledge the divorce settlement. Abeer and Meher get separated! Meher destroys the support check before Kuber. She requests that Abeer take off from her home and makes a segment in the house when Abeer denies.

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 85

Meher returns the cash to Abeer and requests that he take off from the house. Devki backs Meher, however Abeer won’t leave. Abeer observes that Meher didn’t acknowledge the provision and discovers that Meher had no wish to get separated. Afterward, he consents to take off from the house.

Episode 86

Abeer discusses Kuber’s wrongdoings on his show. Kuber resents Abeer for embarrassing him. Abeer chooses to break attaches with the Malhotras. Rati discovers that Nissar needed to leave the city due to Meher and Abeer. Meher educates Satish regarding her choice to leave her place of employment.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Episode 87

Meher gets some information about Nissar’s whereabouts. Abeer apologizes to Satish for his mischief. Satish requests that Abeer persuade Meher to not to leave the workplace but rather she doesn’t pay attention to him. Afterward, Abeer acquaints himself with an outsider at the bar.

Episode 88

Abeer acquaints himself with an outsider and educates him concerning his marriage and separation. Afterward, he chooses to capture Devki with the assistance of his companion! Devki figures out how to illuminate Meher that Abeer has stole her.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Episode 89

Devki falls oblivious in the wake of running into a post. Meher gets some information about Devki. Abeer and his more bizarre companion assist Devki with getting a rescue vehicle. Devki shows up in the news as individuals botch her to be awakening from the dead! Satish attempts to persuade Meher to proceed with her work.

Episode 90

Satish attempts to comfort Abeer and requests that he go to Meher’s party. Suman requests Meher the reason from her concern. Satish tells Suman that Abeer hosts would not go to the gathering. Madhavi requests that Kuber apologize to Abeer. Kuber chooses to destroy Meher’s life. Akshat acquaints himself with Abeer.

Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 91

Abeer questions Meher about the individual in her room. Suman is dismal to hear Devki oppose Abeer. At the point when Meher acquaints her companion Akshat with everybody, Abeer becomes desirous of Akshat. Devki attempts to incite Abeer. A grief stricken Abeer becomes inebriated subsequent to leaving the party.

Episode 92

Kuber lets Abeer know that he is the new manager of Groove. Afterward, he is sorry to Abeer before the representatives of Groove. Abeer chooses to show Akshat something new and with the assistance of his companion, harms Akshat’s vehicle. Devki encourages Akshat to dazzle Meher.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Episode 93

Abeer faces Kuber as Meher’s acquiescence is required to be postponed. Kuber offers his assistance to Abeer in repairing his relationship with Meher. Satish acquaints Kuber with his right hand, Rati. Kuber discovers that Rati is Nissar’s sweetheart. Afterward, he attempts to see whether Rati is familiar with his arrangement with Nissar.

Episode 94

Abeer joins Meher and Akshat for supper. He observes them partaking in a decent compatibility and becomes enraged. Afterward, Meher and Akshat examine Abeer’s mischief. Abeer enhances Meher’s office lodge with their photos. Meher becomes irate and breaks one of the photograph outlines.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Episode 95

Akshat observes Meher in Abeer’s arms. Meher discloses to Akshat. Abeer won’t go to Kuber’s question and answer session. Kuber requests that Meher carry Abeer to the gathering. Abeer’s companion encourages him to control his outrage and be amiable to Meher.

Episode 96

Abeer listens to his companion’s guidance and attempts to look for absolution from Meher. Afterward, he is sorry to Akshat also and welcomes Meher and him for lunch. Meher requests that Abeer go to the public interview. Akshat proposes Abeer to have a beverage later their lunch with Meher.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Episode 97

Akshat gets Abeer tipsy to make him miss his public interview. Abeer uses the stairwell as Akshat gets the lift incapacitated. He shows up after the expected time at the public interview and winds up retching. Meher requests that Akshat avoid Abeer. Abeer stands up to Akshat for his deeds.

Episode 98

Akshat organizes a candlelight supper for Meher and proposes to her. Notwithstanding, Meher lets him know that she wants time to think about it. Suman consoles Meher. She later educates Abeer concerning Akshat’s proposition. Kuber and Abeer visit Meher’s home.

Friday 14 January 2022

Episode 99

Kuber and Abeer visit Meher’s home, where Kuber begs her for pardoning. They get back crestfallen and smashed. Abeer requests that Kuber drop Meher’s agreement. Devki desires Meher to acknowledge Akshat’s proposition, while he chooses to take off from the house.

Episode 100

Meher and Abeer quarrel about Akshat. Afterward, they share an enthusiastic heartfelt second. Akshat is charmed as Meher acknowledges his proposition. Suman inclinations Meher to rethink her choice. Kuber books a lodging for Rati and him!

Saturday 15 January 2022

Episode 101

Akshat derides Abeer and informs him regarding his commitment with Meher. Abeer begs Meher to not get connected with to Akshat, yet she requests that he give her one valid justification to not wed Akshat. Abeer follows Akshat and sees him getting a kid from a school van.

Episode 102

Abeer visits Meher’s home and tells her that Akshat has a child, Ishaan. He is astounded to discover that Meher definitely knew this. He gets back and illuminates Madhvi and Kuber about the equivalent. In the mean time, Kuber gets a call from Rathi and misleads Madhvi that he really wants to visit the workplace.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Episode 103

Meher educates Suman concerning her choice to wed Akshat. Abeer impacts Meher by advising her that he is prepared to turn into a dad. Ishan visits Meher’s office with Akshat. He gets inside Abeer’s studio and breaks his gear. Akshat gets into a contention with Abeer over Ishan.

Episode 104

Abeer and his companion plot to demonstrate Akshat a cheat by including him with another young lady. Abeer gives one of his fans, Aliya the undertaking to bait Akshat into their snare by telling her it is a tryout for a film. Aliya hitches a ride from Akshat and purposely drops her bangle in his vehicle.

Monday 17 January 2022

Episode 105

Kuber requests that Rati watch out for Abeer. Nonetheless, Rati is plotting against Meher and Abeer. In the mean time, Abeer’s arrangement against Akshat misfires on him. Meher tracks down Aliya in Ab


Episode 106

Meher invites Abeer for her engagement. Devki insults Abeer at the function. Abeer leaves the venue before Meher and Akshat exchange their rings. Ishan becomes unconscious and Abeer takes him to the hospital where he again loses consciousness as he is allergic to kiwi!

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Episode 107

Akshat and Meher get engaged. Meanwhile, Abeer and Ishaan are hospitalised. Meher is restless as Madhavi meets Ishaan. She decides to send him to a boarding school but Akshat stops her. Later, she destroys Abeer’s studio and warns him to stay away. He promises to win her love in eight days.

Episode 108

Akshat has a nightmare. He tells Meher about it. He requests her to keep Ishan away from Abeer. Abeer shows up at Meher’s house for breakfast and takes her to his house. Kuber is unhappy with the possibility of Meher’s return and tries to bring Abeer’s friend Tasha, closer to him.

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Episode 109

Kuber coaxes Sasha to take care of Abeer. Devki asks Akshat to call Meher as she spends time at Abeer’s house. Ishaan cries as Akshat vents out his frustration on him. Meher ends her relationship with Abeer. Sasha comforts Abeer. Later, Meher arrives at a shocking decision!

Episode 110

Devki visits Kuber’s house to invite his family to Meher-Akshat’s wedding. Madhavi notices similarities between Ishaan and Abeer. Abeer decides to marry Sasha and gives Meher his wedding card. Sasha expresses her love to Abeer. Meher and Abeer recall fond memories.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Episode 111

Meher has a discussion about the arrangements with her wedding planner while Abeer eavesdrops on them. Madhavi gets Ishaan’s school records and realises that Akshat is not his father. She confronts Meher and learns the truth. Meher stops her from revealing the same to Abeer.

Episode 112

Meher requests Madhavi to not disclose it to Abeer that Ishaan is his son. Later, Abeer finds Meher hiding in his room. He tries to convince her to start afresh with him. Abeer and Sasha’s engagement celebrations begin. Akshat arrives at the engagement venue as well.

Friday 21 January 2022

Episode 113

Madhavi wants to meet Ishaan. Abeer coaxes Meher to admit her love for him. Meher tells Akshat about Madhavi finding out that Ishaan is her grandson. Abeer overhears Madhavi’s conversation with Meher. Later, he finds Madhavi with Ishaan and questions her. Madhavi reveals the truth to him.

Episode 114

Meher decides to take Ishaan with her and go somewhere far from Abeer. However, Abeer warns her and stops her from doing so. Later, he tells Sasha that Ishaan is his son. Sasha calls off the wedding for Abeer’s sake. Meher worries about Ishaan. Abeer takes Ishaan with him, leaving a letter for Meher.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Episode 115

Meher meets Sasha and asks her about Ishaan, while Ishaan and Abeer spend some fun time together. Abeer records Ishaan’s video and sends it to Meher. He buys a pair of contact lenses for Ishaan. Meher is relieved to see Ishaan return home. Abeer gifts Ishaan a guitar.

Episode 116

Abeer taunts Meher, Devki and Akshat. Meher is shocked to learn that Abeer has relocated to her neighbourhood. Abeer threatens Meher and Akshat about revealing the truth to Ishaan. Abeer and Akshat join a weight-lifting competition to impress Ishaan. Abeer loses the competition.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Episode 117

Akshat convinces Ishaan to not speak to Abeer. Abeer calls Meher to help him with his injured leg. Akshat is furious to find Meher with Abeer. Suman tells Abeer about Meher and Akshat’s argument. Kuber wants to meet Ishaan. Rati intends to spoil Kuber’s happiness. Ishaan is bullied.

Episode 118

Abeer consoles Ishaan and on his advice, Ishaan retaliates. Meher is angry with Abeer for misguiding Ishaan. Akshat loses his temper when Ishaan questions his hatred towards Abeer. Ishaan insists that Meher show him a photograph of his biological father
Monday 24 January 2022

Episode 119

Abeer asks Meher to show Ishaan his father’s photograph. Rati blackmails Kuber to stop Meher’s promotion. She asks him to make her the CEO of the company. Meher turns down Kuber’s offer of the position of vice president. Abeer tells Akshat and Meher that he is the music teacher at Ishaan’s school.

Episode 120

Abeer and Akshat get into a fight before Ishaan. Ishaan tests Abeer and Akshat’s love for him. Appendix gives Aliya a task of pulling a guy’s moustache in exchange of some adult magazines. Akshat breaks the guitar gifted by Abeer to Ishaan. Ishaan wants Abeer to take him to his home.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Episode 121

Abeer takes Ishaan home. Ishaan finds Meher and Abeer’s wedding album. Abeer is compelled to reveal the truth to Ishaan. Ishaan promises Abeer to make things better between him and Meher. Rati blackmails Kuber to sign Meher’s termination letter.

Episode 122
Final episode!

Kuber tells Rati that he is responsible for Nissar leaving abruptly. However, he tells Rati not to quit the job. Ishaan tells Meher that he knows that Abeer is his father. Akshat decides to leave, and Meher accepts Abeer’s proposal to remarry him.

we are glad to bring to you that the insolent heart ends on starlife this January we at myschoolgoodies are going to bring to you
New series Never Say Goodbye replaces The Insolent Heart once it ends.

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