The Six Classes Of Food And Their Functions Complete Guide.

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The six classes of food and their functions.

Eating good food makes you healthy and it implies that you must take a balanced diet in your daily routine for meals.
What is a balanced diet?
A balanced diet is a meal that contains all the six classes of food in its correct proportion.
Eating a balanced diet is not just enough rather it is also important to eat them in their correct proportion.
Most people are very amazing I’m their combination on the verge to eat a balanced meal.
What are the six classes of food:

The classes of food are supposed to be seven but one is exempted.
In this post am going to share with you

The six classes of food include.

Fat and oil.
Mineral salt.


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Water :

Among The Six Classes Of Food And Their Functions Complete Guide. Water is a universal solvent, meaning that all the solvents depend on it
Water is very important in the human body because it contains all the necessary elements that sustain the human body.
It contains 78 % of Nitrogen, 21% oxygen,0.03% of carbon dioxide, 70%hydrogen with other useful purifies.
This is one of the reasons why water is very important in human life.


1 being a universal solvent helps to digest all other food substances.
2. Is is required for reactions to take place in the body.
3. It helps to Maintain homeostatic balance in the body( regulation of body temperature)
4. It is the main source of liquid for cooking different kinds of foods.

Other functions of water:

1.It is used for cooking and washing
2. It is also the type of transportation system ( Transport by sea)
3. It is used for the production of drinks such as beer, cocoa, up.
4. It is also necessary for plant growth.
In fact, all it takes for all living things + man to stay alive is water.

Carbohydrates :

Carbohydrates are the major class of food that necessitates living.
All carbohydrates-giving foods are energy-giving foods eg, Cassava, rice, beans, wheat. Millet, corn, bread,
Carbohydrates food appearing in monosaccharides,( simple sugar) disaccharides,(complex sugar)
And polysaccharides( multiple sugars)
Its end product is glucose.

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1.They are all energy giving foods
2. We use them for energy for our daily activities.


All protein food is called body-building food.
We get protein mainly from foods like meat, fish, milk, soya, egg, etc.
It is unfortunate but I must tell you that the populated bean is not one of the main sources of protein it gives protein also but in a small proportion.
Its end product is an amino acid.

Function s of protein:

1. It is a body-building food.
2. It helps to repair worn tissue
3 . It is mainly for growth.
4. It prevents kwashiorkor,( a nutritional disease caused by lack of protein)

Fat and oil:

This is also one of the major classes of food.
Fat is a solid at room temperature, and oil is a liquid.
Apart from carbohydrates fat is another food class that provides energy for the body.
They are classified into saturated and unsaturated fats.

Its sources include:

Meat, egg, avocado pear, olive oil, fish, etc.
The function of fat and oil.
1. It is another great source energy giving foods.
2. They help in the digestion and absorption of food.
3.helps in blood clotting.
4. Produces powerful antibodies.


Vitamins are also an important class of food, mainly for a good healthy lifestyle.
No wonder people take them in food supplements.
They exist in forms such as:
They are either water-soluble or fat-soluble.
Vitamins B & C are water-soluble while A D E K are fat-soluble vitamins.
Foods that contain vitamins include. Mango, Apricot, egg, sweet potatoes, fresh pepper.

Functions of vitamins:

1. The help to sustain body immunity.
2. The lowers the rate of cancer In the body
3. They flush toxins and produce antioxidants.


Among The Six Classes Of Food And Their Functions Complete Guide. essential minerals are mainly nutrients that are essential to the human body.
They exist as micro and macronutrients.
Macronutrients are those required by the body in large quantities e.g calcium, potassium, zinc.
While micronutrients are those required by the body in Small quantities e.g boron, chromium.

Functions of minerals:

They aid the production of hormones.
They enhance wound healing.
They enhance tooth and bone strengthening.
The six classes of food are very necessary food to keep a good healthy living.
Because what matters in life is not only on to have life but also to sustain the life.

Advantages of a balanced diet.

1. It makes you healthy
2.it helps to improve the body immunity
3. It increases the life span.


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