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Thesee Street Wednesday 13th November 2021:Asmita runs towards Shan. Shan says sorry I didn’t recognize you. WHo are you? Why are you hugging me? bua says she is asmita. SHan says who Asmita? I don’t know any asmita. Doctor says please go out and don’t give patient stress. Bua takes Shan outside.


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Asmita cries. She says Shan didn’t.. Bua says everything will be fine. Asmita says how can he not recognize me. NEvi says calm down.

You are in hospital. Doctor comes out. Doctor says he has difficulty in remembering some old things.

This does partial memory loss. Bua says that means he might remember childhood? Doctor says we can’t say anything till we have force. Don’t force any recollection on him. Or he might lose all of his memory. Ravindra says will he be okay? Doctor says we can hope.

Thesee Street Wednesday 13th November 2021:Nevi says I have lost a son already.Asmita comes to temple and cries. She says you don’t want anything good in my life? Why do you do this? Bua says because you are special. God know you can find solution to anything.

You are my brave girl. Asmita says thanks for reminding me what cna I do. I know how to fix all this. Bua says he wont have forgotten his Puchki.

You have to find your love back. Nevi says I wont let that happen. Doctor calls Nevi. She says really? This is such a good news. If Ridoy can be on his feet I am ready to do anything. I will take him anywhere. I will see you very soon.

Scene 2
Ravindra brings Shan home. Bua says let me do arti. Shan says but mama does arti. Bua says she has gone for your prayer in temple. He says when did I get this bruise? How? Bua says rest first and you will get all the answers. Asmita smiles looking at them. A chunri falls on her.

Shan looks towards Asmita. He tries walking in that direction. He takes off her chunri and covers their heads with it. Asmita says I am your Puchki. Shan says Puchki.. A woman says Shan.. It’s Thaku ma.

Asmita says Thaku ma is alive? Beauty said she died. Ravindra says this Thaku ma is alive? Shan comes to her and hugs her. Shan says Thaku ma you. SHe says I am glad you still remember me. People think I am dead.

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Bua says he isn’t well. Let him rest. Thaku ma says I have his treatment. Thaku ma says who? She says I have Pcuchki with me. EVeryone is dazed. A girl comes out of the car. Bua says Asmita is puchki. Thaku ma says this is real Puchki. This Asmita is fake. Shan is confused.

Thaku ma says I know who real Puchki is. This girl is asmita.

Asmita says you have misunderstood. Thaku ma says you act well. That’s how you fooled all these people. Asmita says I am puchki.

Why are you doing this. Thaku ma says Shan you knw I don’t lie. This girl is fooling you. Shan you have to decide who is your Puchki. Asmita says he isn’t well.Don’t stress him.

Thesee Street Wednesday 13th November 2021:Fake Puchki says I promised Shan I will never meet him and he said he would never come back to this city. Shan says if she isn’t Puchki how does she remember all this?



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