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Scene 1

These Street Saturday 27th November 2021:Thaku ma says to asmita no drama. You have to let this engagement happen. Asmita says in heart I am doing something that will stop it.Asmita says to beauty you were right. There has to be a dance. Beauty says announces our DIL asmita is doing a dance for you. Asmita dances on silsila ye chahat ka. SHe dances in front of Shan and Nandani. Shan sees flashbacks. He recalls asmita dancing on it before. Shan stands up in shock. He comes close to asmita. Thaku ma slaps Asmita. Shan is shocked.

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Shan says what.. Ravindra says shan stop. Thalu ma says you are so disgusting. Shan is getting engaged. You shameless woman you have a daughter. Asmita says I was only dancing. Nandani says you were trying to come close to Shan. Thaku ma says at least think about your husband. You are a widow.

These Street Saturday 27th November 2021:Go to sona gachi. People like you belong there.

Bua says enough. Thaku ma says you have to get out of this house. SHan says you can’t insult asmita like this. I wont hear a word against her. You have misunderstanding right? Puchki and I will get marriedd tomorrow. If anyone says a word to asmita after that I will be worst. Asmita is dazed.

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Scene 2
Beauty says to Thaku ma you’re so clever. You got this wedding speed up. Now I know where did I get this cleverness from. Thalu says I was your mom and dad too. She says give me the kheer now.

Thaku ma says the daughter who tried killing her mother isn’t getting this kheer. I don’t want any trouble is Shan’s marriage tomorrow. If anything goes wrong, you wont live. Do what I have asked you. Beauty says she always looks down on me. I wont let asmmita stop this wedding.

The wedding starts. Nandani comes downstairs. Bua says you look so pretty. Beauty says what happened to her? She is always on Asmita’s side. Bua says everyone must be wondering what happened to me. Just that today is my Shan’s wedding. I don’t care who is he getting married to.

Thaku ma says where is asmita? Asmita comes. She says to thaku ma I am doing what you asked me. Nandani says write Shantanu on my hand from mehndi.

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These Street Saturday 27th November 2021:Asmita looks at her. she recalls their childhood. Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. Nandani says Shan come sit with me.

Precap-Asmita says marriage is made of two people who equally love each other. Shan says I love you asmita.

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