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Scene 1

These Street Sunday 21st November 2021:
Shan says when Asmita isn’t puchki why am I thinking about her. Asmita trips. Shan holds her. Flowers fall on them. Asmita removes the petal from his beard. Nandani comes. Nandani says in heart see how I ruin you asmita. I will make shan mine when he is drunk tonight.

Thaku ma says Shan Puchki is here after years. Take her out tonight. Shan says okay. Let’s go. Thaku says good. Nandani says let’s make this date memorable. Asmita leaves. Shan says why do I care about Asmita.

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Asmita and Nandani come to date. She says i feel so good. After years we are spending time together.

Asmita comes there disguised as waiter. She says order for each other’s choice and get a discount. Nandani says we don’t need a discount. Asmita says don’t you remember

his choice? Shan says jalebi for my puchki. Nandani says russian salad for SHan. Shan says I don’t like it. Nandani says I want you to eat healthy. Nandani says bring two bears. She says Shan I want you to relax. Shan says you started drinking? She says we are all grown ups now.

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Nandani spills water. Nandani says sorry. I touched it by mistake. Shan goes to clean it. Asmita cleans it. Nandani calls thaku ma and says everything is going as per plan. asmita looks at Nandani mixing something in Shan’s bear.

These Street Sunday 21st November 2021:Asmita sees her. Nandani gives Shan the glass. Asmita comes and says this boti is for free. Nandani tries and says its so spicy. Asmita replaces the bears. Nandani drinks it and faints. Asmita says you can’t ever take my Shan from me.

Shan takes Nandani to car. Shan says I am coming back. He goes in. Nandani drunk starts driver to ask driving. Nandani says start driving.

Shan comes in to pay bil. Driver calls Shan and says madam is asking to take her home. Shan says okay I will come myself. Shan is in the elevator. Asmita comes in the elevator. Shan says you here? She says I had some work.

These Street Sunday 21st November 2021:Asmita and Shan look at each other. The elevator shuts down. Asmita is suffocating. Asmita says i feel suffocating. Shan says someone is here. Asmita says there is a fan. We can turn it on. Shan picks her and she turns on the fan. The song tujhko jo paya plays. Asmita falls on Shan.

Precap-Thaku ma says Puchki.. I will hurt you so much your love would fade away. She says to Ravindra why don’t you get Shan and Puchki married. Ravindra says you’re right.

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