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These Streets November Teasers 2021

Scene 1

These Street Sunday 28th November 2021:Nadnani says to Asmita go get me juice. Asmita leaves. She gives her juice. Nandani says bring straw I have mehndi on my hands. Shan looks at asmita. Nandani says see my mehndi it has your name. Asmita spills water on her mehndi. Nandani says you ruined my mehndi. Asmita says I did it by mistake. Nandani says you did it intentionally. Asmita says why would I do it? It was a mistake.

Nandani says I know you did this on purpose. Why do you want to separate us there are many boys out there. Go to sona gachi Shan says enough. How can you say such disgusting things. How can you ask a girl to go sona gachi. My puchki could never say anything like that. I doubt if you are even puchki or not. Nandani says she is doing all this. You are such a disgusting girl. You can never take my Shan away

from me. Asmita says in heart she can spill anything in anger. Asmita says I can do what i want. I am a police officer. I have a respectable job.

What do you do? You are a useless digusting girl born in Sona gachi. Illiterate. You are a mistake. Nandani says you dont know who are you talking to. Asmita says we all know who you are. You are an insect of those dirty streets. Nandai says you are calling me a dirty insect from there. You know who I am. Thaku ma says stop.

Thaku ma says to asmita who are you insult sona gachi. You are trapping your Brother in law. You are disgusting. This is Shan and Puchki’s wedding and you can’t stop it. Nandani says in heart thank God Thaku ma saved it or I would have said anything in anger.

Scene 2
Asmita comes to Shan’s room. She has his sherwani. Asmita says your sheerwani you have to wear it. Everyone is waiting for you. It’s your wedding today. Asmita’s dupatta gets stuck in Shan’s sherwani. She thinks he held it. Asmita turns back adn leaves. Shan holds her hand

These Street Sunday 28th November 2021:Asmita says shan wedding isn’t a joke. This is about lives. This is about love. Would you do right to her? Do you really want to marry her? Do you love her? Ask yourself. Wedding needs to have equal love from both sides. It’s a union of two souls. You have time, ask your heart. Think about it. Once you go ahead from here it would be difficult to come back.

Shan stops her. Shan kisses asmita. Shan holds her face and says I love you asmita. I don’t love puchki. I don’t feel anything for her. Will you marry me? asmita smiles and hugs him in tears.

These Street Sunday 28th November 2021:Asmtia says yes. He says if you are ready I will handle anything. I will manage Puchki. I will go and tell everyone. You and I will get married today. Asmita runs. Shan says I am ready to fight the whole world to marry the one I love. No one can stop our wedding. I don’t care what anyone says.

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