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scene 1

These Street Thursday 18th November 2021:Asmita told me I lied assmita not puchki. Forgive me. shan say why you are doing this drama. Bua said that forces you to say that? You Puchki.

Shan said that when he says he Asmita why did you force it? He pointed to Asmita and say this is Puchki. And this Asmita Ridoy wife just this. Moushmi say why we care. Beauty say we care. He first hid about his work and now to get shan he lied that he Puchki.

He is a liar. Neel says you are playing with our emotions for money? Humanity is more than money. Ravindra said that we believed you. I never expected this from you. Moushmi said get out of here. I know who is going to stop me. You fools. he shoves out. Shan said stop. Shan said she was the wife of this Ridoy. He has our DIL. We can not treat it as such. Moushmi

says he is a fraud. Bua says you have no right to kick out of this house. She is the mother of this moni. How is he going to live without her? Shan said yes Moushmi will need a mother. Nandani says he is a fraud. Shan said Moni need it. Asmita you are playing with our emotions. You should not do that.

He goes.
Asmita cry. He ran. Asmita walk in the rain crying. he remembered everything. Asmita walk in drama and song naina wrong. He came to the temple. Asmita Shan said I was sorry I had to lie. Thaku ma say well done. Asmita told why you do this? Why? I need an answer.

You gave me a new life. tHaku ma say because you forgot my favor. You never tried to find me. Asmita say we told you die. Thaku say whether you are trying to find out? You are a police officer. whether you attend my funeral.

These Street Thursday 18th November 2021:Asmita say please .. She said I wont crisis now. Everyone decevied me. You all snakes. You know what I would do. I knew Moni is of Gachi sona. He was the son of Ridoy and pr * stitute. If you want to keep a secret, do what I ask. Or he had to go back there.

Now let’s go to Nandani Shan. Her parents have a favor to me. I had to return them favors or Moni will return to the Gachi sona. Asmita told my mother moni because we had a mother. Asmita told you can not remove me from the heart Shan. Bua hear everything. Thaku leaf ma.

Bua slap Asmita. Asmita say I’m sorry. Bua crying and hugging. Bua said that you will never get shan if you are always thinking of others. Asmita told we are bound by the breath.

Nothing can separate us. I Puchki her. Bua said my daughter .. She took Sidur and placed on the forehead of this Asmtia. Bua says do not let Shan went in the wrong hands. You and Shan can not part. Promise you will not let anyone take him. Asmita told I promise. Bua hug.

These Street Thursday 18th November 2021:Nandani said to Thaku ma thanks. You’re the best. Thaku ma said he was very strong. He gave up on his love for a young girl. He was not broken. Nndani say so what should we do? Thaku ma says we should make the officials between you and Shan. I will speak with Rainvdra.


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