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Scene 1

These Street Thursday 25th November 2021:Shan says it hurts me when you are hurt. What is this? Why do I feel this way? You can answer me only. What is our connection? Asmita says time to tell you truth. He says what is it? Asmita recalls what thaku ma said. She gets silent. Shan says sorry. Asmita says in heart your heart beats for me.

Jamai sees a nightmare he wakes up at night. Jamai says Thaku ma said go find Puchki. Mousmi says Asmita isn’t Puchki. thaku ma knows who real Puchki is. She knows her since childhood.

Nandani is worried. Thaku ma says they are together. Police told me someone saw them going towards the jungle. Moushmi sa

ys I dont’ think engagement would be done. ravindra says I am only worried about Shan. Thaku ma says what happened to your respect? You can’t handle a girl?

Ravindra says the old lion is also a lion. I will get Puchki and SHan married. Ravindra calls police. He says get my grandson out of tha jungle. It’s dangerous. Bua says to Nandani you and SHan won’t get married because it’s not meant to be. Nandani says I challenge you I will marry Shan.

Scene 2
It’s morning. Asmita and Shan are asleep in the jungle. Shan wakes up. He looks around. Shan gives her shadow from sun. Asmita wakes up. Shan says are you okay? Asmita says yes. Let’s try finding a way out. He says I looked all night. Asmita says let me look. She walks in the jungle. Shan says why are you not listening. there is no way there. You are tripping..

These Street Thursday 25th November 2021:Asmita says you always think I can’t do anything. Shan says this is what I love about you. Always being worried. Shan says why do I feel more for you than Puchki? Asmita starts walking. Shan says careful.

Thaku ma says to beauty you are so useless you can’t find a girl. Beauty says is it the real puchki? Thaku ma says what do you mean. Beauty says nothing you’re old. Thaku says I know people more than you. Thaku ma leaves. Beauty says I will find out if this is real Puchkki or not.

Nandani is sitting on the way. Moushmi says why are you sitting here? Nandani says leave me alone. she says son of this house is missing and none of you care. where are Shan and asmita? Shan comes in and says I am here. Nandani hugs him. Asmita comes in too.

These Street Thursday 25th November 2021:Nandani throttles her and says I asked you stay away from shan. Why did you go with her. Nandani was dreaming all this. Ravindra says Shan where were you? He says we were stuck in jungle. Bua says thank God you two are fine. Come in. Asmita looks for Moni. She is nowhere.


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