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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Street Thursday 9th December 2021: Judges will announce its verdict. Asmita come and say stop. Asmita told me I had evidence that could indicate Shan did not kill. You will know who the real culprit.
Judges play a video. Everyone was surprised to see it. In the video, Asmita kill Shivankar. Bua up with a start.

Asmita told you I killed Shivankar. It’s your evidence and perpetrators. She sold her for money, she was pregnant with me. I hated it, so I take revenge, I killed him. Please exonate shan and arrest me. Asmita stood in the witness box. Basu said he should be punished. Shan said she was lying. He could never do that. Shivankar is his father. I was alone in the room. Asmita why you do it. Please tell them the truth. Asmita told you I killed him. Shan said puchki I could never kill anyone. stop lying.

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These Street Thursday 9th December 2021: Asmita Nandini Replies he came to the hospital. Nandani said I knew you would come. I made this video. Nandani say you just show this video and I will save Shan. Asmita said you wanted to blackmail me? I will give them the video itself. Shan will hate you again. He will never love you.

Shan said I killed. Asmita say do not say it in love. Shan said, please do not blame yourself. The judge said I decide who is killed. He says Asmita arrested. I will announce the decision after the break.

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Asmita imprisoned. Shan came there. He said why are you doing it. Asmita told me I killed. He said you would never be able to do that. Ridoy say we all know you can not do. Asmita told me to do it .. Shan said no. Stop. Police took Shan from there.

These Street Thursday 9th December 2021: Court hearing begins again. The judge said very clearly that Asmita Shivankar as a revenge killing. This court, freeing Shan. Shan said I was with him, we both have been sentenced together. I helped him. Asita said no .. I’m alone. He did not help me. The judge said there was no evidence against you. The court announced the death sentence against Asmita. Shan sat down and cried. Shan said she was my life. Please do not do this. We understood. Shan said puchki you can not do this to save me. I’ll die without you. They took Asmita. Asmita ran and hugged Shan. Police tried to take Asmita.he judge said Asmita you have one last chance to prove Shan Innocent. Says Asmita Basu had no evidence or testimony. Basu calls on someone. Shivankar driver entry. Basu asked what you see in the hospital? He said Shan and Shivankar fight. Shan attacked, I was afraid and went. Basu said now you see Asmita. Shan seen him. He was caught red. Shan said she was lying. He hit the driver. Police stopped shan. Asmita told Shan please calm.Basu said he was an evil look. He was born in Sonagachi. He’s supposed to be like this. The judge said the San you should behave here. Anger seemed to kill someone. Basu said you saw. He can kill anyone.

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