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These Street Tuesday 16th November 2021:Nandani said away from all this. Asmita said why did you do this? He said to get Shan. I love her. Thaku Ma is my guard. I understand what I want. Thaku MA like making you a liar in front of everyone. Asmita said we would see if you craze victory or my true love.

These Street Tuesday 16th November 2021:Asmita said Shan’s birthday will begin in a while. He will know me Puchki. He took the cake to his room. Asmita stroked Shan’s face when he fell asleep.

Asmita said happy birthday. He kissed his face. Asmita said I thought I would expect you for the first time like childhood but I can’t wake you up. Get well soon. I really love you. Asmita left the cake there.

Nandani came there and replaced the cake. He threw the cake outside. Nandani woke up Shan and said happy birthday. He hugged him.

Shan is happy. He said only Puchki could remember. He said how did Puchki forget Shan’s birthday? He said you called me Shan? SE said I would call you what you like. He said I would blow up a candle like a childhood.

Asmita came there. He looked around. Shan said what happened. Asmita happy birthday. Shan said thank you. Nandani gave a cake. Asmita said if you puchki, you will know Shan’s brown allergies. Nandani said I knew it.

But it’s a childhood. Asmita said childhood had nothing to do with allergies. Shan made Nandani and Asmita eating cakes. Nandani said I would not let Shan be yours.

Scene 2.
Shan dropped down. Everyone hopes Shan’s birthday. Ravindra hugged him. Nadnani said to Thaku Ma I celebrated with Shan in Abar there.

They collided and he saw it here. Nandani says one day you will look for me Shan. I will pay attention to you. Asmita dropped down. Nandai said Shan what did you do here. Come on, I show what I prepared.

Asmita Slip. Shan hugged him. Bua said his birthday … Shan saved him. It will be a bad day if Asmita is injured.

Nandani said to Asmita away from Shan. Asmita said we should. You can’t come between us. His heart with me. Asmita says see what’s next.

These Street Tuesday 16th November 2021:Shan is just puchki. Nandani said you saw what I did. I can do anything for my love Shan. Asmita said Puchki didn’t give up. Asmita said he tested it but no one could come between us.



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