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scene 1

These Street Wednesday 17th November 2021:Asmita said today is a very special day. Today is the birthday of my bhondu. Let’s make this a special day for everyone. She will dance for us all. Nandani said come on let’s dance Shan.

Thaku Shan ma say yes dance with your Puchki. Bua said Asmita is a real puchki. Nandani he wont dance. Asmita told afraid? Puchki say that I am not afraid of anyone.

Asmita dancing on nachly wrote. Nandani came on stage and the two of them dancing. Nandani Shan holds its fall. He said let’s cut the cake.

Shan cut the cake. He made Nandani eat before Asmita. Asmita is crying. Bua says you have to be strong. Asmita told you not see? She can not see me. Bua says he belongs to you and never let him go.

Asmita told she did not even know I’m here. What do I have to do. Bua tell the truth always wins. Asmita told you is true. Tonight after the party, I will tell the truth. I will not let anyone have the right on him. He is my love.

Neel said to Beauty what you do. He said I had a plan. Asmita standing on the ladder. Beauty turns out the lights. He shoves Asmita but by mistake he shoves Thaku ma. Asmita see my Thaku fall. He said thaku ma .. Nandani say I saw Asmita encourage ma thaku. Beauty say I saw it too.

Asmita told I was trying to save him. Shan says enough. Asmita told me I do not know .. Shan said that if he speaks against you does not mean you are going to try to kill him. Stay in your limits.

These Street Wednesday 17th November 2021:Asmita cry. Nandani said bad feelings? He offers her a napkin. Nandani say you say great things? I know you want to save it, but I blame you.

Shan I can take from you. This is just the trailer. Leave this house. You and Shan wont ever have a future. First Ridou and then me .. you wont ever be this shan. Asmita told the truth always wins.

Thaku ma slapped Beauty. He says you think I wont know. I am your mother. You pushed me. Asmita saved me. Do not dare to harm me. slpa this is to show your value. If you dare I’ll kill you. Neel say I ask you not to do this.


scene 2
Bua ji asks everyone to come out in the hall. Bua said Asmita had proof that he Puchki. Asmita their show. When you Puchki and you have the proof to show them.

Asmita Asmita told me and I fool you. I regret. I make this story.

Previously on these street 16th November 2021:Nandani said away from all this. Asmita said why did you do this? He said to get Shan. I love her. Thaku Ma is my guard. I understand what I want. Thaku MA like making you a liar in front of everyone. Asmita said we would see if you craze victory or my true love

Asmita said Shan’s birthday will begin in a while. He will know me Puchki. He took the cake to his room. Asmita stroked Shan’s face when he fell asleep.

Asmita said happy birthday. He kissed his face. Asmita said I thought I would expect you for the first time like childhood but I can’t wake you up. Get well soon. I really love you. Asmita left the cake .

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