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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Street Wednesday 8th December 2021:The judge said Asmita you have one last chance to prove Shan Innocent. Says Asmita Basu had no evidence or testimony. Basu calls on someone. Shivankar driver entry. Basu asked what you see in the hospital? He said Shan and Shivankar fight. Shan attacked, I was afraid and went. Basu said now you see Asmita. Shan seen him. He was caught red. Shan said she was lying. He hit the driver. Police stopped shan. Asmita told Shan please calm.

Basu said he was an evil look. He was born in Sona Gachi. He’s supposed to be like this. The judge said the San you should behave here. Anger seemed to kill someone. Basu said you saw. He can kill anyone.

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These Street Wednesday 8th December 2021:Shan said that this woman is lying. He can do anything to get me out of Asmita. Nandani said see how he behaves. He blamed me after killing my brother. You killed my father over your extra wedding affair. Basu said that everything is clear. Asmita said there was a difference in wintess statement. Shan should be given more time. He is innocent. He deserves the benefit of doubt. Basu said that we all see the evidence and hear witnesses. Shan threatened to kill Shivankar. Basu said please to announce the verdict.The judge said that according to evidence and witnesses, Shan punished. His sentence will be announced tomorrow. Shan was taken from there. Asmita sat crying. Asmita see Shan go.

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These Street Wednesday 8th December 2021:Asmita worry. Ridoy come there. He says I have a way we can save Shan. I found this camera from room Nandani.
Asmita and Ridoy play.The trial began the next day. Ridoy come. Shan wondered where Asmita. JDuge said today Shan will be given punishment. Asmita told to stop. Everyone looked back. Asmita told I have evidence that demonstrates Shan did not commit this murder. The record will show who the real culprit.

Precap-judge viewed video. The judge said Asmita killed Shan. He should be given the death penalty.


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