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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Saturday 4th December 2021:Asmita said I believe in you. I support you. The police arrested Shan. Asmita said I would get you out of him.Shivanna Cemetery is being carried out. Asmita touched her leg and cried. Asmita said you couldn’t be my father but it didn’t change the fact that I was your daughter. My mother loves you, so I will take my daughter’s responsibility. I will find your original killer and punish them. Asmita took Mishal. Nandani came and said giving it to me.

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Asmita said I knew your pain, but it won’t change the fact that I was her daughter. Please let me do it. Thaku Ma said let him Nandani. Asmita fired a body. Nanddani cries. Asmita said in my heart I knew Nandani killed you. Shan won’t pay his sin. Nandnai said I would do it for you Papa. Your death will not

Go in vain. I will split up Shan and Asmita.
Asmita said Nandani. I know we can’t brothers. But I know you killed Papa. Nandani was surprised. Nandani said going to catch me. I did it, catch me. Yes, I killed him. What can you do? Asmita slapped him and said how you could bend so low. He loves you very much throughout his life.

These Streets Saturday 4th December 2021:Nandnai said what else would I do? He promised me, he would do anything to make me daddy. You are responsible for all this. Nandani said I lost her because of you. I want to kill you. But who knows Shan will live for you. I have to separate you so I have to kill Papa.

Does Asmita say this is love? Nandani said yes I loved her. Asmita said Are you crazy? You get it in a murder case. He said everything was fair in love and war. Nandani said if he could not be mine, he could not be yours. Asmita said she would not belong to anyone.

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Nandina said only I could save him. I have proof that he doesn’t do it. So, you ask for life and freedom from me. I will forgive it. You also have to go from Shan’s life forever. Do you like my plan? Asmita will slap it. Nandai pushes his hand. Asmita said I would not let you be near Shan. I will prove it innocent. Wait and watch. You will be behind the bar. Nandani said you will beg your life.

Ridoy tried to rent a lawyer. He said to Ravindra no one took this case. They said it was quite clear. Ravindra said who killed Shankar. Shan can’t do that. I have to save him. Ravindra said he would save Shan.
Nandani came to the lawyer. He said you had to prove Shan guilty. You can’t lose this case. He said this was an easy case. But he is your Husband. Why do you want to make it convict? He said doing what I paid. No one will take this case. I have paid every lawyer. You have to win this case.
Nandani said I would win my battle.

These Streets Saturday 4th December 2021:Asmita is in court. Nandani said looking for a lawyer? Who will take the case? That is the missing cause. I have a gift for you. He showed a rope to Asmita and Says chose one. Shan will be hung by From. Shan will be punished. He made a mistake by rejecting me. You only have one option. Please for his life and leave him. I’ll let it go. You can save him. Asmita said God, please show me a way out.



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