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These Streets Friday 17th December 2021:After years, A little girl is grown up. She comes to temple. She collides with someone and says I have to go. I am sorry. She has Puchki’s face. She comes to the market. She buys things for her house. She sees the sweets. The keeper says don’t take it if you don’t have money. She says I will get a lot of money someday. She picks the bag. The worker at shop says I wish I could give you the sweets. Your faather must be such a bad man.

These Streets Friday 17th December 2021:Shan sees a dream that there is a kid in trouble. He says why do I see this dream since six years. Servant brings breakfast.He throws it away. Shan has wine in the despenser.Nandani comes to the room. Nandani hugs shan. She says get ready by the evening. It is Janmashtami. Shan says the same day, I lost my kid because ofyou asmita. He recalls asmita slapped him. She said I lost my child because of you. Shan says you lost our child. You asked them to kill the baby. You’re selfish. Shan broke her mangalsutra and cleaned her sindur. Asmita says you slept with nandani. You’re right every time? Shan says I did that to save my child yet you get it killed. Everything is over between us. Asmita says I also don’t want to live with a man who slept with another man and killed his child.

Shan drinks from the dispenser and faints.
Theer are two young girls in the house. They play with car. One is Moni and one is nandani’s child. Nandani’s child shoves Moni. Nevi picks her and says are you okay? Nevi says Chahat you hit Moni? Nevi is about to slap Chahat. Nandani says don’t even dare. Nandani says you should hit the car. She breaks Moni’s car. Moni cries. Nevi hugs her.

Asmita’s daughter sells flowers. A woman says your dad would be mad if you don’t sell flowers.
Chahat comes to shan. He says good morning princess. She says your breath stinks. He says because I haven’t brushed. She says bad manners. Shan says I would do it every day. She says we will go to the festival. With mummy. Shan looks at Nandani. Nandani says in heart, she is my way to you.

These Streets Friday 17th December 2021:Asmita comes to the temple. Her daughter is there but with pain on her face. Asmita looks at her. It rains. Her paint spills away. Asmita looks at her and says if my child was alive she would be this age. Guddan calls asmita. She says you’re in calcutta? The same city you always were hurt in.

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Asmita says I don’t know why I keep coming here. She looks around. Guddan says maybe God wants to reunite you with shan. Maybe your child is alive? Asmita looks at shan with nandani and Chahat. Asmita says shan is here. Guddan says your child must be alive. She will unite you with shan. Shan looks at asmita. The song tere liye plays.
Precap-Shan comes to Asmita. Krisihi comes there.


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