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These Streets Friday 1st October 2021  Asmita slaps Friday. He fainted. Asmita took Ridoy to a room. Ridoy holds his hand and says please listen. I waited for a long time. My heart said he was near. Beauty hits Chanda Nd said told me where Asmita was. Asmita came there. He hid. Beauty leaves. Asmita came to Chanda. Chanda said please leave here. I am afraid of your safety. Asmita said don’t worry that nothing wrong will happen again. Chanda hugged him in Tears.

Ravindra told Nevi to see these letters. It is written that Ridoy is in Drunk Sona Gachi. Nevi said, please don’t get angry. I will talk to him. Ravindra said I would never forgive him for the defamation of this family’s good name. Nevi said this was not Ridoy’s fault. It all happened because of Shan and his friend. Ravindra said don’t blame him at Shan. Nevi said he hid that Asmita was Puchki. This won’t happen to Ridoy. They will all rot in hell.

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These Streets Friday 1st October 2021 Two thugs saw Asmita and arranged her in a chair. Asmita said leave me. He is screaming. He saw this dream. He said nothing can’t happen. I have to be there for him. Shan called Asmita. Chanda said to choose a telephone and talk to him. Shan said enough. We will not suffer anyone.

Ridoy brought a girl home. Ravindra said whether you were in terms of understanding. He said yes I was in my senses. Nevi said what was nonsense was this Friday. He said Meet Chandarmukhi. He said this was my heartless mother. He said it was my Hitler’s chest.

Nevi said out. Ridoy said he was my friend. I will return with him. Nevi said don’t step out. He said you were the drama of Queen Mama. I will get love in Sona Gachi.

These Streets Friday 1st October 2021 As your husband did. Nevi slapped him. He goes. Ravindra said I would not let it defame our family’s name like this and my child would only Shan. Nevi said I would bring Shan here. Nevi said Shan took Asmita in this house. Shan said Asmita would not come here as a wife of Ridoy.

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