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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Friday 3rd December 2021: Shan looks as Asmita. The song Dil Sambhal Ja Zara Drama. Shan and Asmita see each other. Shan approached Asmita and kissed it. Asmita Lord Him. Shan stroked his face.
The next morning, Asmita got up and saw Shan sleep beside him.

Shan wakes up. Shan says the morning baby. Asmita smiled. Shan pulled tightly. Shan said what was the plan? He said let’s settle here. This is a good place. We can spend life here. We can do it only when we give Nandini place and your relationship ends with him. Nandani calls on Shan’s number. Asmita said she was crazy. Nandanu said Shan I wanted to talk to you after. He said after what you did Puchki I couldn’t even hear the work. Nandani said I realized I was wrong. I can’t live without you. I Leaving you. I will sign the letters. And then I will die. Shan said I didn’t care.

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These Streets Friday 3rd December 2021: Asmita said we had to go. Shan said no. I don’t care what he did. Asmita said we didn’t have to go. We can’t let him hurt himself.
Shivanna She You can’t harm yourself. He said what would you do what I asked for? He said yes.

Shan and Asmita come to the hospital. Asmita said for Aditya you were looking for me and Shan? Nandini was trying to commit suicide. Aditya said another story? Asmita said please don’t believe me.
Shan came to the room and said Nandani … where are you … Shivanna came with a knife in his stomach. Shan tried to help him.

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you killed my father. How can you. Shan said Asmita I did nothing. Asmita said Nandini Shan could never do this. This is a misunderstanding. Nevi said everything was clear. Nothing misunderstood. Moushmi says you choose your reality. Your blood never changes.andani said Shan what did you do. You killed my father. He is screaming. The police came in Nandini told Shan killing my father. Shan said no when I came he was stabbed. Nandani said she considered you her child. How can you kill him. You threaten it.

These Streets Friday 3rd December 2021: Nandani said for your Asmita responsible for all this. You asked him to do all this. Shan’s arrest Aditya. Asmita cries.
Shan said Asmita I could never do that. Asmita said I trusted you. I am with you.


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