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These Streets Monday 4th October 2021 On Zee World Update Nevi is suitable for aru. He said See Chanda. He burned his picture and said he had died. He said my revenge was finished. And my son Shan was blamed for him. You bring another woman between us. He laughed.

Asmita made Chanda’s funeral. Beauty came and said Chanda left? Do not worry. Asmita said moving. Beauty said he was useless now. Do what I ask now. Look down. Asmita said I didn’t want to. Beauty I will blacken your mother’s face. Asmita said you couldn’t do anything. He took a dead body.

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These Streets Monday 4th October 2021 On Zee World Update Asmita did all the funeral rituals. Shan comes. He said I was his son. Asmita said I was only her child. He is nothing for him. Screams and crying. He remembered his moment with Chanda. Asmita sat and cried too. Asmita said she left here. He said I did nothing. I just come there for you. I don’t know how it happened. Asmita said please leave here. You have no shame. You are selfish and a liar. He goes.

Asmita hit the bell. He met Ridoy and said I was here for you. You have to help me. He said I didn’t believe you were here. I will do anything for you. Asmita said this was a new start. Ridoy said I was very happy to hear this.

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Shan said before you decide something, I want to say something. Ravindra said your mother died. I know you are upset. Please think before you talk. Shan said Asmita was mine. I want to make it my own and accept it officially. I will not let anyone harm anyone. Ravindra said you were crazy. Shan says this is true. He said Puchki was my love. I will not leave it alone in this pain. I am with him.

These Streets Monday 4th October 2021 On Zee World Update Ravindra said you were not in your common sense. He said me now. He said I could leave the name Mazumdar for him. Nevi said how embarrassing it was. Shan said you know who plays the game in this house.

Precap-Ridoy and Shan struggled for Asmita.

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