These Streets Saturday 11th December 2021 Zee World

These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Street Saturday 11th December 2021: Shan hugs Asmita and says please don’t go. They hold each other’s hand. Inspector keeps hitting Shan’s hand until he faints. ASmita is taken to jail.
Shan opens his eyes. ridoy says thank God you are fine. Shan says no.. My Puchki can’t leave me. I have to go save her. Ridoy says you have to calm down. We would do something. Ridoy tries to stop Shan. Shan says I can’t live without her. I have to save her. Ridoy says we would save her.

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These Street Saturday 11th December 2021: Asmita says to nandani you can never have shan this way. Nandani says he is a man. He would need a woman at the end of the day You would be in here and I would be out here. Nandani’s lawyer comes and says you’re bailed out. Nandani says bye. Asmita says shan would never be yours.
Nandani comes home. Shan puts a gun on her. Shan says you have to die. Nandani says I am your wife. Shan says asmita is my wife. Nandani screams and everyone please come. Shan is killing me. Shan says confess that you killed your father or I would kill you. Everyone comes. Shan says don’t come near or I will shoot. Ravindra says shan stop it. Bua says shan please..

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Shan says confess it that you killed your father. Bua says please don’t take law in your hands. Nandani says shan please stop it. Shan says stop it. Nandani says yes I killed my father. Everyone is shocked. Nandani says I killed my father. Shan takes the gun down. Nandai says you made me say that on bullet point? Anyone would say what you want on bullet point. You can kill me. Shoot me. Ridoy says no please. Shan throws away the gun. Nadnani says I knew you can’t kill me or anyone. Asmita killed papa. she blackmails people. She s convicted. Please let her go from your life. Let’s start life anew. I your wife. Nandani leaves. Shan hits her hand on the wall. Riody hugs him and says you can’t give up. We will bring asmita out.

These Street Saturday 11th December 2021: Asmita is in jail. She recalls her moments with Shan. There’s smoke in the police station. Everyone runs. Everyone runs out. Asmita screams for help. Someone opens her jail.
Precap-Shan takes asmita to a shed. ASmita says we can’t do this. You made me flee. I have to go back. shan says you can’t go back for us, for our child.




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