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Scene 1

These Streets Sunday 12th December 2021:Asmita faints in the shed. shan says are you okay.. He picks her and rushes to the hospital.
Nandani tries calling someone and says why isn’t he picking. She throws away the phone. Moushmi says you broke such expensive phone. Nandani says get lost. Moushmi says I am in your team. Bua says her time is over. she can’t come in Shan and asmita’s life. Bua says you can never take their love from them. Nandani slaps bua. She says how dare you. Bua says you will suffer.

These Streets Sunday 12th December 2021:Shan brings asmita to hospital. He says please check her. doctor checks asmita. she says who is she? Shan says she is my wife. Doctor says you are pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Shan says what.. HE says really? I am so gratful. Shan says asmita nandani couldn’t part us. Our child will start

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our ne chapter. He kisses her forehead. asmita opens her eyes. she says what happened? Wy are you crying? Doctor says youre pregnant. Asmita says really? Shan says yes, that’s our child. Asmita says I am so happy. Asmita says now you have to listen to me. Let me go back to police. We can’t run way. Shan says I won’t let you do that. ASmita says this isn’t right. Asmita says please. Shan hugs her and says no I can’t let you surreneder I won’t let you go. this is our child. You have to live with me. shan hugs asmita. Police comes outside. Aditya says asmita shan surreneder. we are surrounded this hospital. Asmita hugs shan and says I have to do this. Shan cries. Shan holds her hand.
Asmita walks out. Aditya says asmita you’re a policewoman yourself how could you do that.
Shan sits there and cries.

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Nandani gets a call that asmita is arrested. She says wow I am so glad. Shan comes home. Shan says you won, I lost. He kneels down. He says if you love me please save asmita. Please save her. she is pregnant. Please save my child. Nandani is shocked. Nandani says this is a lie. Shan says no it isn’t. She is my life. Please dont’ play with her life. You will leave me forever if anything happesn to her. Please save her I will be your slave for life.

Scene 2

These Streets Sunday 12th December 2021:The case reopens. moushmi says how did this happen. Nandani says I reopened it. Asmita comes to witness box. Basu says we have a report. This report showed us that asmita did the murder. But that was a fake confession. We want to take our sentence back.
Judge says we can’t give her death sentnece in the case. But she wasted our time. So we take asmita’s police uniform back from her. she is exonerated. Shan smiles. Ridyo says asmita I am so happy. Bua hugs her. Asmita says what happeend that nandani took her case back? Nandani says you will never know.

Precap-Asmita says to shan you did something. How did nandani open the case. shan says forgive me.


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