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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Sunday 5th December 2021:Court hearing begins. Lawyers said this case was clear. I will prove in a few minutes that Shan kills his fil. Judge says who other lawyers? He said there was no defendant. Asmita came as a lawyer and said I would fight the Shan case.

Asmita said I was Asmita Kumari, this is my training license.
The lawyer said Shan was involved with another girl outside her marriage. Shivankar tried to tell him not to do that. Therefore, he killed Shivankar. He called Aditya. The lawyer asked him, Is Shan threatening Shivankar? Aduita said yes, he threatened Shivankar. He said now I will call Ravindra in the witness box.

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These Streets Sunday 5th December 2021:Ravindra Coems in the witness box. The lawyer asked if Shan hit his wife? He said this is true. Shan has hit him. The lawyer said he had an extramarital affair and he lived together

that woman? Ravindra said it was true. The lawyer said here is a flat rental paper. How did a father tolerate his heading life with another woman and hit his wife? He tried to talk to Shan and Shan attacked him.
Asmita said I wanted to ask Shan some questions.

Asmita asks what happened there? He said when I entered the room was dark. Shivankar has been stabbed. Lawer said someone else? Shan said no. The lawyer said so he stabbed himself? He said the woman involved was Asmita. Shan said I loved him. Don’t say a word about it. I will kill you. He said the threat of death again. Judge says Shan you need to control yourself. The court took place for a break.

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Asmita came and hugged Shan. He said I would fix everything. Puchki You are always here for you. He said I trusted you completely. Asmita said I wanted to tell you something. A police officer came and asked Asmita to leave the room. Shan wondered what he wanted to say.

Hearing starts again. Asmita said there were no witnesses. There is no evidence of Shan’s agaisnt. The lawyer said he had a knife in his hand. Don’t waste court time. When this case is so clear, we don’t need witnesses. Suddenly someone threw a smoke bomb. Everyone coughs. Asmita was stabbed. He is screaming. The lawyer pulled out his knife. Asmita got up. He said sorry it was all drama. Ridoy threw the bomb.

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These Streets Sunday 5th December 2021:Asmita said like she didn’t stab me but there was a knife in hand. The same thing happened with Shan. He tried to alleviate this shivankar pain. Shan is stuck. The judge says do you know who the killer is? He said yes killer in court, it is Nandani. Everyone is confused.

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