These Streets Thursday 23rd December 2021 Zee World

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Thursday 23rd December 2021Krishi emerges from Shan’s vehicle trunk. Shan goes inside with chahat. Krishi runs inside. Nandani contacts light unintentionally. Nevi says in heart I realize you will end her now.Asmita cries. She says if it’s not too much trouble, take me to my little girl’s god. Kindly save her. She is my krishi. My heart consistently said she is alive. Kindly take me to her. she cries. Shikhawat sees her. He expresses what was the deal? For what reason would you say you are crying? Asmita embraces him crying. Asmita says my little girl. She is alive. she was in janmashtai celebration. He says how could you perceive her? Asmita says she looks precisely like me. Same face. She is my little girl and she is alive. I need to meet her. Kindly assist me with seeing as her I can’t survive without her. Shikhawat says relax. I guarantee you I will track down your girl Youhave accomplished such a great deal for myself and vivan. I will track down your girl Possibly this is the way I will take care of to you. Asmita says I trust you. We should go. I realize we will see as her Gives up. They leave.

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Krishi comes inside the house. She says this is a palace. Shan feels something. Krishi comes to Chahat’s room. She stows away. Chahat says to Moni I hit that filthy young lady. Moni says terrible habits. Try not to disturb individuals. chahat says it is entertaining. Chahat leaves. Moni sees Krishi. She says who are you? Krishi says I am a similar young lady she was discussing. Moni embraces Krishi and says chahat is a trouble maker. Watch out. I’m happy you shown her something new. Would you be my frined? Krishi embraces her.
She says what are you doing here? Krishi says I am here to give great daddy this arm band. Moni says shan chachu? He would be glad. Go to his room and give it to him. Krishi says thank you companion. She embraces Moni. Moni says God favor her. She is so sweet.

These Streets Thursday 23rd December 2021:Nevi is asking. She sees a child like Puchki. Nevi says Puchki? Did I see Puchki? Nevi says I did as such off-base to her. Kindly don’t rebuff my moni. Please I apologize what I did.

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These Streets Thursday 23rd December 2021:The purchasers ask her father where could the young lady be? he says we have sold her. She ran some place. The hooligan says we need the young lady at this moment. He says she would return. She went to class. The hooligan says we will track down the young lady They leave. Krishi’s mother sasys don’t do this. He slaps her.Asmita and shikhawat come to the house. Asmita says where could my girl be?? The mother reviews she is asmita. She was the medical caretaker who took the child. Asmita says where could my child be? Krishi’s mother is in shock.

Precap-Shan and asmita meet.

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