These Streets Thursday 2nd December 2021 Zee World Updated

These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Thursday 2nd December 2021: Shan said adutya please let me go. Asmita in trouble. Aditya says you broke the law. You hit him in front of the police. I can not do anything.
Asmita suffocating. Shan was handcuffed in the police van. Asmita cough. Shan hit the police. He said sorry I had to save Asmita. He ran. Aditya running after him. Police chase shan.

These Streets Thursday 2nd December 2021: Shan seek Asmita. Asmita is dying. He remembers the times when she with Shan. Asmita break the chain and rope. Asmita jump from a ring of fire. Shan running from the police. He told me Asmita come. Thugs viewed Asmita. Asmita hits them.

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A thug put a knife on her .. Thug says you’re dying today. He put the gun in Asmita. Shan comes and hits him. Asmita and thugs beat shan well together. A thug said there was a bomb here. I’m going to kill you both. He was a bomb blast. Asmita and shan exhausted. Asmita falls on shan. Shan Asmita hide from the fire.ALSO CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUSLY:These Street Tuesday 30th November 2021 Zee World

Nandani call shan. She told me why he did not pluck. Shivankar say why you’re worried. He said I tried to call I paid thugs to kill Asmita. He said he was a police officer. You can not kill him. Shivankar hug.
Asmita nd Shan walking in the woods. Is raining.
Shan and Asmita see a dark house in the woods. They come in. There is no one there. Shan said Puchki are you okay? Shan kissed her hand. He said I can not live if something happen to you.

These Streets Thursday 2nd December 2021: Asmita told never said that. Nothing can separate us. Shan says you sit here. Shan tried to light a fire there. He says if you feel better? She stroked her hand.
Shan said there are some clothes there. Go chane. Asmita’s going on behind the curtain changes. Shan remarkable change. Asmita out.



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