These Streets Tuesday 21st December 2021 Zee World

These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Tuesday 21st December 2021: Krishi tries to sleep. Asmita makes her son sleep. Shan makes Chahat sleep. Asmita drops photos my mistake. Shikhawat comes and picks them. He says I am sorry you had to come here because of us. I should have thought about you. He says it is my mistake. Vivan really loves you and you have done more than a mother for him. Asmita says I see my child in him. He is my life now. If I had a child, he would have been this old.

Krishi’s dad comes. He says the girl is inside. Her mom asks what is this? He says I am selling her to pari mehel. She says are you crazy. She is 6 only. He says they are giving me 10 lacs. The men give him advance. they come to Krishi’s room. Her mom says get out of here.

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Asmita wakes up. She is scared. Asmita says what is this feeling? Why do I feel like someone close to me is in trouble? I hope everything is fine. Please stop if something wrong is happening.
Krishi’s dad says sorry. She is crazy woamn. Thugs say we will take her tomorrow. He hits her and says don’t dare coming between me and my money. she says she is blessed by God. Don’t do this sin. She is a blessing for us. Don’t do this. He says shut up. SHe is my money. I will sell you too if you try to protect her.

These Streets Tuesday 21st December 2021: Asmita comes downstairs. Shikhawat is there. Asmita says I.. you are here? He says wasn’t sleepy. Asmita says you look worried. He says I can’t see when someone treats you bad. aSmita says don’t worry about me. He says I wish someone loved me like this. I would respect her all my life. That shan doesn’t even care about you. Asmita says we will go back tomorrow. I can’t see shan with nadani here. He says we will go tomorrow.

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These Streets Tuesday 21st December 2021: Next morning, Moni comes to Nevi. She says I am going to my friend’s birthday. She says no there is a ghost coming outside. You can’t go. Moni hugs her.
Krishi’s dad throws water on her. He says why are you still asleep. She says is it not right? He says get ready in 10 minutes. You have to go to school. She says I would study? You says you are going there to sell not study. She says why don’t you ever talk to me with love? I met a papa yesterday. Be like him. He says I am not your father. You are a burden on me. He leaves. She says he says this in anger. EAt this and get ready. He takes food from her. She says I am here for you. Everything would be fine. Krishi says I wish that uncle was my real father.

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