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These Streets Tuesday 5th October 2021 Asmita said to Ridoy, I married Shan, not you. He said I didn’t accept it. Asmita says you have to. Do you still want to love me? It is important for you to know this truth.

Ravindra says are you all crazy? For the girl, everyone is this house crazy. He said if you left our family name, you will zero. Shan said I did everything you always ask but this house has no room for love and empathy. I lost my identity when I entered this house. I made something I wasn’t me. Ravindra said don’t you know that when you take everyone from this house? Nevi said you were so selfish.

Ravindra said I really love you don’t do all this. Shan said than accepted my love. Please give me my love. Give me my life. Nevi said shut up. You want everything in this house. Sir asked you to give up on him and you insulted him for the third-class girl.

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These Streets Tuesday 5th October 2021 Shan said then why do you want to make it you. Ravindra said I would not let the girl live peacefully. Shan said I was with him. You can’t hurt him. I am with him. Do what you want. Shan left.

Ridoy said with the new life we ​​can forget all these things. I have no problem with all this. I really love you. I can do anything for you. You can forget Shan and move forward with me. that’s right. I very much love. I want to spend my whole life with you. Asmita said thinking again.

He said we knew each other. Let’s get married. Don’t think anymore. I will fix everything. I know you don’t love me but I will love you until you fall in love with me. Asmita said I had several conditions. No one will kick me from the house.

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Ridoy came home and told everyone that I married Asmita. The condition is that we will take the West in Sona Gachi. Nevi said whether you were crazy. We can’t go to the dirty streets. Ridoy said don’t react excessively. Shan comes. He said why are you Asmita. How can I live without you?

Asmita said Shan I would be in front of you at any time but with your brother. This will be my revenge for my mother’s death.
Ravindra said Shan Asmita said she wanted to marry Ridoy. We marry her with Asmita. Shan says you can’t do this. Shan said to Ridoy he didn’t love you. He’s just angry.

These Streets Tuesday 5th October 2021 He loves me. Ridoy says where is your love when you drive him away? Why do you keep lying to me when you know everything? You marry her by fooling me. Shan said he had never been your wife. They both encourage each other.

Precap-Asmita prepares to marry Ridoy. Someone hit Shan by car.


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