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These Streets Tuesday 7th December 2021:Shan said I miss you puchki. I promise you I will be smiling at you.Court hearing begins. Lawyer says I want Asmita in the witness box. Asmita came in the witness box. He asked Asmita What is your relationship with Ridoy? Asmita told her ex-husband. We are good friends now. Lawyers say wow, good friend? How do you have everything so pure? Ridoy you married, then have a relationship ekstramariah. You have a baby with Ridoy well.

Asmita said the case was not about me. He said you capture Shan, right? Asmita said yes I did. He said why? Asmita told her I thought she killed Ridoy but he was released. And Ridoy still alive.

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Lawyers call Ridoy in the witness box. He says if your brother Shan tried to kill you? Did he push you. Yes or no? Ridoy say yes. The lawyer said Shan fight

with you, right? About what? Ridoy said it was between us and it was resolved by now. It has nothing to do with this case. Lawyers say what happened between the two brothers should encourage others. Ridoy said his intention is not to kill me. Ridoy say are long gone. The lawyer said that because Asmita right? Tell us properly. Ridoy say yes. He says I love Asmita. I and Shan fight. But I fell from there the accident.

These Streets Tuesday 7th December 2021:Lawyers say that the brothers tried to readue Shan now. The problem, Shan tried to kill Ridoy because she came between Asmita and her. And now Shivankar. Nothing is more important than the relationship, and anyone who comes in between, he killed him. He is psyscho and danger to society. Asmita told all that you experience is a dialogue. You do not have proof.

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Basu said I have proof. Two policemen took the box. Judge opens and screaming. It was a snake. Aditya shot. He says this is a fake snake. The judge said what are you doing Basu. He says I’m trying to prove my point with drama, I think Asmita liked it this way. This snake is a threat to you. So you tried to kill him. Shivankar is a threat to Shan. So he killed Shivankar. The court postponed until lunch.

These Streets Tuesday 7th December 2021:Nandani said to Asmita, whether you choose a rope? Asmita told me I was not going to need it. Nandani say this too confident. Shan will be punished. He will be hanged. Only I could save him. Keep him in love, sometimes you have to lose. We are to me. Or you know if I could kill my father, I could kill anyone. Choose what you want. asmit say I am a police officer and I am not subject to any. Nandani say if this is what you choose for him, then okay.

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