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These Streets On Zee World Thursday 20th January 2022
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These Streets Wednesday 15th December 2021:Nandani says this is my and SHan’s child. Ask him.. Asmita is shcoked. Nandani says I didn’t know I had to keep it secret. Shan says asmita is 8 months pregnant. Don’t stress her out. Nandani says I demanded shan to make me pregnant. He slept with me to save you and your child. Asmita says it this right? Shan says I did it for you and our child. I had to protect you. Asmita runs.. Shan runs after her. Asmita cries.

These Streets Wednesday 15th December 2021:Asmita comes home and packs her clothes. SHan says asmita please listen.. what are you doing. try to understand. Asmita says don’t touch me. shan says let me explain. Asmita says you cheated on me. Nothing would justify. shan says I beg you please listen to me. I have no one but you and my child. I did this to save you two. She told me she Would kill our child. I was very scared. She said she would stop it all if I sleep with her. To get you out of jail, I had to agree to her mistakes. She was dangerous for you. I didn’t know she would get pregnant. I thought it would save you and our child. I would die for my child. Asmita slaps him and says you slept with someone and you think this isn’t a big problem? Shan says I didn’t enjoy it. I hated it. You don’t consider I did this for you.. Asmita says this is the man I married. This is not acceptable. If you loved me you would never have done this. Asmita cries. Shan says like you took the accusation of murder.. I did this for you. Asmita says you enjoyed this. You thought I would consider it great? He says you aren’t always right. My intentions were right. Asmita says would you forgive me if I slept with another man? Shan says please try to understand. Asmita says you cheated on me. She locks her door. Shan says please try to understand. Asmita cries. Shan says please open the door.

Nandani says yes I am four months pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Nandani says this is shan’s child. You are getting your heir Ridoy says this can’t be possible. Bua says Shan can never do that. Nandani says I am his official wife. You have to accept the truth. Let’ts get DNa one or ask shan. He would tell you truth. Asmita walks on the road crying. Shan looks for her everywhere. The song hamari adhuri kahani plays. Asmita recalls what shan said and what nandani said. Asmita cries.

These Streets Wednesday 15th December 2021:ASmita slips.. Shan holds her. He says what are you doing. You were about t fall in this ditch. Please take care of yourself. I am with you. Asmita shoves him and says don’t touch me. You cheated on me. You are like my dad. He says you’re comparing me to him? Asmita says yes. Yes brokoe my trust. I have to go. Shan says please I can’t leave you alone. Asmita says I don’t even want to see your face. People ask shan to leave. Shan says this is our personal problem. Asmita says why should I listen to you. You proved that nandani is your wife and I am the second one.. Shan is about to slap her. People shove him away. Men hit shan for hittng a pregnant woman. A truck comes towards asmita. It hits her. Shan runs to Asmita..

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