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These Street Sunday 12th December 2021
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These Streets Wednesday 1st December 2021: Nandani said I suspended it. That uniform is his strength. Now I will see how he faces M.e he will lose everything. Their love will end. I will also show Shan what he did. He married me and then said I chased him? I will kill Asmita. He won’t be able to love anyone. ALSO CLICK HERE TO READ PREVIOUSLY: These Street Tuesday 30th November 2021 Zee World

Asmita said where Shan was. He said he would return in one hour. Asmita Cooks. Asmita saw a picture of Moni. He said Sorry Moni I left you there. We will immediately live together. Bell rings. Asmita opened the door. Someone hit his head and he fell. Two thugs picked him up and wrapped it on the carpet. They took it out. Shan will enter. He walked past him. Shan came home and saw that he was not home and everything was broken. Shan runs outside. The men sit in the car and run.

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These Streets Wednesday 1st December 2021: Asmita is in a dark place. Nandani said you were okay my sister? Asmita is tied. Nandani said your time to say goodbye to everything was here. Do you really want to talk properly? I like it when you fight with me and challenge me. Asmita said Shan would not leave you for this. What are you doing now. If something happens to me, you will go to jail. Shan will kill you. Nandani said she was silent. You are suspended. And Shan … I know how to make it mine. I will make it mine. I will ruin your life.

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Nandani began pouring gasoline around Asmita. Asmita is afraid. Nandani said after you died, Papa would have one mistake lost from her life. Nadnani said you were crazy. You are a loser. You can never make yours. You have no other choice. My death will show your defeat. I can die a hundred times to defeat you. Shan will hate you again. I feel pity for you. I hope you can know what love is. You won’t get anything by killing me. Nandani said shut up. Let me show you the trailer. He turned on the circle around Asmita. Nandani laughed.

Shan said to Aditya, I’m sure Nandini kidnapped Asmita. Aditya said but he was in the hospital. Shan said let’s go there and check if he was there. Shan came to the hospital. He saw Nandani’s bed and said look he wasn’t here. Nandani came in the room and said what happened.

These Streets Wednesday 1st December 2021: Shan says where Asmita? He said how do I know? You live with him. Shan said it stopped it. If something happens to him, I will kill you. You kidnap it. Nandini said how I could do that. He is a police officer and I under detention here. Shan turned it up. Shankar came and said how dare you touch my daughter. Shan said if you endanger Asmita I’ll kill you. I will kill you too. Aditya took Shan from there. Nandini says in your heart you will only find her body.
There is no Precap.

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