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This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021: Sherlin walked in the hall thought he had to tell Prithvi that Rishab knew about their whole truth, he entered the room that called Prithvi but was surprised to see Kritika, he suddenly called out what he thought would come to ask Prithvi Jee if he returned, Kritika asked What is the reason, Sherlin answered he felt like having tea so he also wanted to drink it with him, he asked Prithvi if he could borrow the charger so go to him in a big problem, Dadi also entered the room called Kritika, even he was amazed to see Sherlin here, Dadi asked He to call Ganesh, Sherlin’s question if everyone returned, Dadi mentioned he was tired of being back, so everyone was still them, Sherlin left but after reaching outside the door signaling Prithvi to come, he also convinced him to come to him.

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Rishab was very sad while he entered his function, Rishab remembered the moment when Sherlin called out he fell in love with him after seeing him first and he also talked about starting a family with him, he wiped his tears as he found his ear ring in Pocket Prithvi, Rishab alone sitting on The table, he placed his hand thinking how Sherlin tried to deny he had a relationship with Prithvi based on ear rings and also blamed the prowries in this way, Rishab sat when his friend came and greeted him, Rishab also asked him to have a seat, Sanjay question if Rishab quarreled with his wife , then explained that this woman had a way of loving them and also made them feel sad, he offered a drinking Rishab but he denied that Sanjay assured him he would forget his problem after drinking, Rishab while walking towards the bar crying he felt truly awkward, Sanjay ordered One stake for both, Rishab once again tried to leave but was forced by Sanjay to sit with him. Rishab had the first peg, he immediately began to cough, Rishab called out he felt enough but Sanjay ordered another peg without listening to what Rishab said.

This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021: Sherlin hurriedly entered the kitchen and hiding, Prithvi also came to question what he did when he told him that they both could not be seen together, Sherlin called out he did not understand urgency, Sherlin explained he could not make the reason since Rishab found him ear ring in His pocket, Prithvi asked why he did not make a reason and shaped the truth, Preura opened the door exclaiming that their time in this house had ended and will now be forced to leave this house, he explained Rishab Jee would reveal the truth in the morning so finally the truth would be out In the morning, Preela explained the critics would be injured but after knowing their truth, the same critics would slap them both for what they had done with him so that their remaining dreams would also be destroyed. Prince left the kitchen while the two of them were still standing, Prithvi was shocked after hearing Prteeta, Sherlin looked at him in a state of tension.

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This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021: Dadi in the room exclaimed even this gift was good, Kritika brought beautiful Sarree to Dadi, he asked Kritika what was the reason, but he answered he knew it was his birthday and everyone would give his beautiful Nani prize even more beautiful, he asked for Dadi not to say It was strange because it was okay and he likes gifts, Dadi mentions he likes a lot of gifts, Kritika explains he bought a necklace for Maa but did not know whether it was his type, he asked Nani for the opinion that was so rushed to the wardrobe to take him but accidentally dropped the box, he was stunned to see the gift in his wardrobe, Dadi said that Prithvi would put it but Kritika explained that he knew it was the work of Rishab Bhai,


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