This Is Fate Friday 1st October 2021

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This Is Fate Friday 1st October 2021 Sherlin exclaimed that he always talked about correcting the relationship and even called him his own but this did not happen because he had not received it, he quoted two hands to applaud, but Preura said that someone could only use one hand to make a sound and if he gave Know everyone’s truth about him, he won’t be able to get another family like Lutra, Preela mention that he doesn’t want anyone in his family to suffer because he is a member but Sherlin exclaimed not his family because he is the only true family member.

Priela exclaimed that if he called Luthra as his family, what the relationship he had with Prithvi, Preela explained how Prithvi and Janki saw him so that when they knew that Janki knew about Prithvi, they both tried to kill him at Prithvi’s house, even after that they tried destroyed it by car but God listened to their prayers when Janki’s life was spared but he lost his memory but he had regained his memory today so what would happen to him, Sherlin refused to say that he had no connection with Prithvi than the relationship a few days so that the pre-detail must stop blaming him Without involving Luthra because he could not say anything to them.

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This Is Fate Friday 1st October 2021 Preeta asked how he believed that Preta would not say anything to the family because when he was not in the function and returned everyone asked him so he had the opportunity to express the truth but he didn’t do it so knowing that everyone would believe him but he didn’t want His family suffered because the battle was between himself, Sherlin and Maira so they had to be stored like that, Preela warned him not to think that he would not say anything that had evidence and evidence against it but only waiting for the most appropriate moment when he would be able to reveal the truth about him.

Sherlin thought that Preela had known everything about him, he was happy that he did not know they were still having an affair, Sherlin thought that when he revealed Karan’s truth would believe him even if everyone opposed him.

Janki brought tea for Sarla who was lost in his mind, Janki asked what the problem as it was now the pre-alone life would be fine and everything would happen in support, Sarla did not agree that it was not the same but he had chosen life and he himself will live through all Life obstacles.

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This Is Fate Friday 1st October 2021 Sarla asked if he had seen something at the party, Janki exclaimed that he was seeing a lot of things so what he was talking about, Sarla said that he talked about Shristi and Sameer, Sarla said that his daughter was really polite and her heart was like a child, she Worried that Shristi did not fall into the trap of Luthra’s, Janki assured him that nothing would happen because Preela was also present at Luthra’s house, Sarla said that Preura was busy sorting all her own life how she could put more pressure on her, Sarla left, Janki said He understood what Sarla was trying to say but tofu Sameer and he couldn’t make a mistake to him and even Rakhi would support him.

Rakhi was in his room, thinking about how Sarla blamed him because of the mistake that had happened to Prince, he went to Mahesh who said that Sarla was right when he let Mira stay in their house even when his prepster was his mother in law, he sat with him mentioning that he tried to fulfill the responsibility of the mother and father-in-law but now he can’t do it and feel that he might be destroyed in his heart, he explained that he didn’t want to talk about what was true and wrong but just wanted to fill his responsibilities, he explained that Preela was kidnapped even then he back at the right time

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