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This Is Fate Friday 29th October 2021:Sarla exclaimed that Preta had the ability to always win the hearts of everyone with his good character, Sarla prayed that the pre-matter must always remain happy at his home,

Shristhi asked why he did not pray for him, Sarla said that he often prayed for him but in his heart but would not I once told him, he went to get something, Janki then asked Shristi if he had to talk to Sarla about his marriage,

Shristi didn’t understand, Janki answered how he was talking about his marriage to Sameer, Shisthi went to wash him hands, Janki thought of the right one, if he was Also in the same house with Preela when they both won’t be alone.

Kritika spoke with his friends, he was confused about the plan then Preela came from behind asking if he needed his help,

Kritika explained that his friends pressed him for a single party that could not happen now because the functions were set, Preela said that he had taken his marriage responsibility and they would definitely have a party because he had to remember how much they enjoyed it when the party was at the time Rishab’s marriage.

This Is Fate Friday 29th October 2021:Karan saw Prteeta sitting in the room, he came to ask if he tried to steal anything, Preela stood up asking why he didn’t steal the tongue of others so he wouldn’t be able to disturb him, Karan said that he spoke very stupid, he asked if he had a title, Prefigates replied that he had become like this because with him he felt that he was sentenced to his wrong actions in his past life,

Karan gave him a credit card that explains how he should not worry about whatever prices want to buy Kritika because he is his sister and This must be Mahesh’s task but he is not healthy.

Karan asked where Kritika, Preta said that he had gone to improve his makeup, Karan asked why he didn’t have to repair his makeup, Pre-Siahkan that he didn’t make makeup and that’s why he didn’t have to do it, Karan didn’t have to do it mentioned how he knew it Because he saw his makeup kit just lying in the drawer, Priela was annoyed to explain how he knew his belongings would not be safe in the room because he was supposed to leave there, Karan responded to his room and took his belongings by force, Preta was angry, Karan finally apologized to him , Kritika came from behind if they had to leave, Preela rushed out of the bedroom crying out how they couldn’t waste for a moment, Karan who responded to Made Feel Prince was annoyed, Kritika asked why he did this even when Preella was very good at them, Karan scolding him ordered how he shouldn’t meme Release it like Ganesh, he should go shopping.

Karina was sitting, Rakhi came asking for her happiness, Karina exclaimed that it had been a year since the engagement of Kritika and now she finally married, Rakhi teased him by saying that he had to tell the critics of how happy his mother left this house, Karina asked Rakhi about why he always had to joke ,, add that the best part is the whole Akshay family comes to their city so he will be able to meet his daughter at a certain time.

Preeta stood up from behind the miracle of how happy Karina, she realized how to become a mother she would be excited at her only daughter’s wedding.

This Is Fate Friday 29th October 2021:Preeta came to say how he took the critics to shop, Karina said that she shouldn’t.

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