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This is Fate Monday 13th December 2021:  Preeta’s written update blamed Mahira got rid of Priela’s suspicion. He thought of meeting Karan once. He still worries for him. Mahira visited Karan in prison. He showed his true concern for Karan. Karan knew that he had an obsession for him, but he didn’t want him to mention that love. He knew that love made someone selfless. Mahira told him that Prince slept comfortably in the room, who found out that Karan was sleeping on the floor in the cell.

He criticized Preeta, thinking he would trust him. He believes Preeta. He knew that even Preela would sleep on the floor by leaving all the comforts. He told Mahira that he really loved Preura, he was the person who made him understand love, he believed Prteeta and his love. He acknowledged his feelings for Prteeta. This makes Mahira annoyed. He didn’t tell him anything and left. Karan hopes that Mahira understands his love for Priela and risks it.

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Next, Sarla also visited Karan. He felt sorry that he never believed or understood his real heart before. He apologized to Karan because he always cursed him never to be happy. He took his bitter words. He gave him to always be happy and immediately united with Preela. He shared emotional moments with Karan.

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On the other hand, Sherlyn met with Pammi and tried to fool him, because PAMMI saw it in a thief incognito. He doesn’t want Pammi to tell anyone that it is. He was worried that Pammi could identify him. Pammi asked Sherlyn why did he come. He did not want to waste his time. He asked Sherlyn to come to the point. Sherlyn filled his ear against Preeta, who was careless and had lost an Akshay phone. He said that Preela had lost evidence that could bring Karan’s house. Pammi is angry at the Prefine.

He rebuked Preela to lose Akshay’s phone. He questioned Preeta’s intention about freeing Karan. Prefine knew PAMMI loved Karan very much and that was why he was angry. He apologized to Pammi and calmed him down. He told PAMMI that he would bring a Karan house at any cost. Rakhi, Mahesh and Kritika were involved in the scene to calm PAMMI. Mahesh was angry with the outrageous behavior of PAMMI.

This is Fate Monday 13th December 2021: Rakhi asked Pammi not to drag unnecessary problems. He said that they trusted Preeta, who would never let Karan fall into the problem. Prithvi and Sherlyn were happy to make their new weapons against Preela. They have used Pammi’s anger to make a drama in the Luthra family. Sherlyn tells that PAMMI is easily included. Pammi asked Preeta about Akshay’s phone. He blamed Prince more about losing the phone. Sameer failed to tolerate constant charges. He obscured the truth that Preela did not lose Akshay’s phone.

Prefigate and critics are worried when Sameer reveals the truth. They did not want Sameer to remind the Resident Evil Trio Mahira, Prithvi and Sherlyn. Prithvi and Sherlyn heard the confession of Sameer and worried once again that the truth of their requirements would be known to Luthras. They did not expect Preeta to fool them again. Then, Preeta visited Karan in prison to share his findings. He told him about the efforts of akshay phone theft, traces of footprints left by the perpetrators ending in Mahira’s room. He suspected that Mahira had killed Akshay.

Karan refused to believe that Mahira could be behind the murder, because he would never be able to put it behind bars. He said that Mahira was obsessed with him, he could do anything to send Preela, but would never make it far away. His belief in Mahira got rid of Preela many. He asked Preeta to understand that he thought in the wrong direction, the killer was someone else. Preeta wants to believe Karan. What will Preela do next? Will Mahesh arrange a guarantee of Karan and take it home? Comment on your view. Continue to read.


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