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This Is Fate Monday 25th October 2021:Prieeta exclaims that if the wife has a mental break, it will be a problem for him when he will tear the face, Karan asks if he will tear his face then the Pretail answers that He will tear the face of a fan, Karan exclaimed how he didn’t expect this from him, and it wasn’t true.


Prteeta exclaimed how he saved his life the night before, Karan was stunned asking from who then mentioned that he saved his life from Mahira, Karan asked what he meant, his prothe didn’t remember anything, Karan asked why he gave Mahira his furnace.

Because he wears it. Karan said that he said how he saw Mahira at the resort but he did not believe him so he himself saw that some thugs teased him and he saved him after the two of them went to the room where he could not find an ointment so he went to get him from the reception and was surprised when He saw him wearing a nightgown,

he explained how he was forcibly made him drink water after that he went to bed, Preabing asked the driver to stop the car because he would explain him about what really happened.

really enjoyed the weather and exclaimed that it was truly romantic and beautiful, the driver replied that he had to wait some time because it would start snow soon, Shristhi told Sameer how he wanted to live in Manali as it was very romantic.

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Sameer began to laugh, Shristhi asked him to tell him that he mentioned that it was nothing, he threatened to get out of the car if he didn’t tell him, Sameer said that he was really dangerous but Shrisethi said that he was a simple girl mentioning how he teases Karan and he was really tense,

Shristi explained that it wasn’t that simple and he wanted to know something from them and it was that he wanted to know if something happened between the two of them and if the honeymoon was successful, but because Sherlin and Mahira they both didn’t Can spend time, Shristi said that they did not understand what he said and he mentioned how he did not want him to always be the first to take any steps,.

Sameer asked if he did not immediately propose him, he was angry and then they were pushed forward when Cars touching homeless, Shristhi explained BA Gaimana he did not want anyone to propose in the car, they began the journey once more.

This is the fate of Monday 25th October  2021 :Preeta and Karan out of the car, Karan feels that he might want to have a romance with him,

Preela told him Mahira wanted to spend honeymoon with him and he also said that he forced him to drink water and anesthetize him so He slept, the Pretail explained that Mahira intentionally anesthetized him and wanted to have a honeymoon with him but he protected him and did not let him happen,

Karan refused to notice that he was making him and it never happened, Preeta insisted that he saved him and did not make any story Because it is a reality,

then Karan refused to believe that made Preela say that he only did everything to save him from Mahira’s plan but he would do it never saved him again and try to leave,

Karan pulled his back mentioning that he wanted him to save him from every The girl was out there, then Preela explained how she was happy Karan believed in her, they both went to the car and left.

This Is Fate Monday 25th October 2021:Karina together with Sherlin and Mahira reached the house, Karina exclaimed that she did not know what might happen as if she was

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