This Is Fate Monday 4th October 2021

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This Is Fate Monday 4th October 2021 MAIA threatened that he would make Prteeta pay in his future life for marrying Karan, Priela called out that he was sorry that Maira had the opportunity to correct himself, he could not do it, he had to be sure that Preela would never feel hated married Karan and he must Remembering, Mira also said that she would ensure Preela did not forget it.

Maira reached the hall to say that he did not want to leave so they had to ask him not to leave, he went to Karan exclaiming that he had to stop him when he loved him, Karan shouted at him never did he never did. Love him and he also doesn’t love him, in their lives tend to involve others in their desires but they cannot be fulfilled so he must continue because he wants to see him live happily but it is impossible if he remains in their house, Maira kneels asking him to make him stay but Karan tries to make him.

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understand that he has another life where he can’t be part of his decision, he is his best friend, so I want to see him satisfy his desire, the arms of Mara Karan from the knee, he felt annoyed that it was worthless as all those who paid everyone,

Preela Being angry so took Mira’s hand throwing it out of the house, when Karina Realty was angry with what she had done, Mira couldn’t do it believed what happened was when the door closed her began to break the decor, everyone at home was worried about what she might do On himself Sen self.

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This Is Fate Monday 4th October 2021 Rakhi thought that he knew what he did was the right thing because he was afraid of what might happen at his house if Mira lived here, but he would not be able to make anyone understand his decision, Rishab went to Karan explained that he also felt sorry At MAIRA but he knew what he did was not true so that their mother had made the right decision.

Sarla was at his home, Preela called but he could not answer the call, shouted at Shristi, he asked him to come so that Shristi could answer the call, Priela exclaimed that his mother was the person who went to be peaceful, Shristi together with Sarla asked what he meant to this statement, Priela exclaimed that he spoke with Rakhi and therefore they finally could do what he could not do.

He said that if he told them the news, they would not believe him, Shristi stopped him saying that he said that they would not believe him, Preela explained that he had conversations with Mara who explained that he was just trying to hurt pictures of Luthra’s family and He should not stay in the same house.

Pretail said that his conversation had many effects on the heart of Rakhi so he ordered Maura to leave and he was no longer in their home, Shristi in Hugs Sarla prevented Preela say nothing, Shristi apologized to say that He was excited, Preela ended the call saying that he would meet them in his functions.

This Is Fate Monday 4th October 2021 Preeta turned and looked at Karan in, he pretended that he was on a call with his friend who explained that Karan did not have occult and also that he was not charming at all, Karan was angry at his words so he took the phone. There was nothing like that because he wasn’t so special because he had a lot of feelings for all his fans, he realized that something was wrong and was amazed to see that he had played a joke to him.

Prithvi was in the room when there was a knock on the door, he ordered his mother to leave him alone but opened the surprised window seeing Sherlin standing there, Sherlin ordered him to help him enter R

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