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This Is Fate Monday Sunday 21st November 2021:Prithvi was in the office, there was a knock on the door, he immediately put the envelope and then asked the person to enter, the employee came and sat down, Prithvi asked him to transfer eighty Lacs to this account number, the employee explained this was a very large number so he would Requiring the signature of his boss, Prithvi said that he was a big boss and was the son of Luthra’s law, Prithvi explained that in India responded to the law considered Bhagwan so he denied them, Emppyee once again refused when Prithvi explained one of them sick and in a temporary bed Rishab was in prison and Karan went out of town, Prithvi Mentonsons he only asked to move the money because he needed to hire a good lawyer. They can help Rishab, if not, how it can come out,

Prithvi called Mahesh Pain so he was the responsibility of the whole family, but the employee came among his work, employees were still nervous but agreed when Prithvi threatened that if he did not agree and Mahesh might be angry and would definitely destroy his life since Luthra had a lot of contact , employees go assure that the money will be transferred.

Prithvi called Sherlin, he immediately asked where he was, he said he came to Lakshmi, Sherlin asked who he was, the replication prithvi he meant money, he explained how he was in the Luthra office and would get eighty Lacs his account, Sherlin questioned If he gets it because this is a large amount so it might take time, Prithvi explained that he also had to see who was in front of them, his name was Prithvi Malhotra so he could convince employees, Sherlin was also amazed, Prithvi called out he would think how smart he was because of them Now billion but will soon get Crores, Prithvi once again got Sundeep’s call, he thought how many Idi People were so answering, Sundeep immediately asked when he would do it, Prithvi asked if he thought he was kind of evil when Sundeep shouted that he also said he would come from the front but no K do nothing,

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Prithvi asked him to come at three in the afternoon, he then called him the T account department but then received the text and was amazed to see that eighty Lac had been transferred in his account, Prithvi in ​​excitement exclaimed that only twenty Lac was left when he would Become Crore Pati.

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Preeta spoke with Shisthi when he exclaimed, he had just dropped Pihu at his school, Preela then saw Sundeep Walking, he felt that this couldn’t be his suspicion, so he decided to follow him, Shisti wondered what happened when Preela ended the call like This, he never did this, Sameer asked him not to panic and called Prteeta once again, Shristhi agreed so decided to call him once more.

Sundeep while walking in calling Prithvi questioned where he was, Prithvi explained that he was trapped in traffic, but Sundeep warned him not to fool him because it would not be useful for him, Prithvi would not cheat him, Preeta followed Sundeep wondering what he really was Do, Sundeep ended the call when he heard a cellphone ringtone, he turned to see but Preela hid.

This Is Fate Monday Sunday 21st November 2021: Shisthi asked Preeta what happened, Pretail explained that he saw Sundeep walked standing, he now followed him, Shristhi asked him not to chase him because he was with his help. So it will help him Sundeep walk to the factory, he thinks of how Sudeepa said that he had to take the money

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