This Is Fate On Zee world, January 2022 Teasers

This is Fate Tuesday 30th November 2021
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This Is Fate On Zee world, January 2022 Teasers:Preeta discover she isn’t pregnant and can never be pregnant.

Saturday first January 2022

Mahira promises to vindicate her embarrassment. The Luthras plan Kritika and Prithvi’s wedding. Sherlyn fears that Prithvi may go gaga for Kritika. Rishabh and Rakhi fault themselves for Sherlyn’s misfortune yet Mahesh and Preeta console them.

Sunday second January 2022
Kareena sees Sherlyn and Sanjana contending with Prithvi’s mom. Srishti professes to be sick and Sameer surges her to an emergency clinic. Sherlyn attempts to kill Mahira when she endeavors to stop the wedding.

Monday third January 2022

Sarla proposes Preeta to sit tight for a fresh start. Sherlyn and Kareena feel envious of Preeta when she puts together a birthday celebration for Dadi. Afterward, Preeta gives indications of pregnancy, so Rakhi and Dadi let Karan know that he will be a dad.

Tuesday fourth January 2022
Kareena denies Preeta from utilizing a pregnancy test unit however Karan gets one for her. Srishti goes up against Sherlyn during Dadi’s birthday celebration.

Afterward, Sherlyn chooses to end Preeta’s pregnancy.Yashoda, Dadi’s companion, uncovers that Preeta is bearing twins. Kritika slaps Sherlyn for attempting to hurt Preeta’s unborn youngster. Srishti chooses to uncover her, however Kritika quiets her down. Later Dadi’s birthday, Karan and Preeta have a sweet talk on parenthood..

Thursday sixth January 2022
Sonakshi, Karan’s companion, welcomes the Luthras to her wedding. The Luthras get ready to visit Lonavala. In the interim, Sherlyn cuts off attaches with Prithvi over a call. Janki blows her top when she discovers that Sherlyn had attempted to hurt Preeta’s unborn twins.

Friday seventh January 2022
Preeta gains from a specialist that she isn’t pregnant. A specialist lets Preeta know that she isn’t pregnant as she can never bear a kid. Preeta neglects to come clean with everybody because of their energy for the Lonavala trip. Sherlyn advises Prithvi to remain away.

Saturday eighth January 2022
The Luthras show up at Sonakshi’s home, and she acquaints them with her dad, Yashvardhan. Sonakshi enlightens Preeta regarding her tragically missing senior sister. Afterward, Yashvardhan acquaints the Luthras with Sonakshi’s future spouse, Rajat. Sherlyn catches Preeta saying that she isn’t pregnant.
The Series might end this Saturday to clear way for new period of bit of destiny, not affirmed at this point, we will refresh you all soon.

and she introduces them to her father, Yashvardhan. Sonakshi tells Preeta about her long-lost elder sister. Later, Yashvardhan introduces the Luthras to Sonakshi’s would-be husband, Rajat. Sherlyn overhears Preeta saying that she is not pregnant.
The Series may end this Saturday to pave way for new season of twist of fate, not confirmed yet, we will update you guys soon.

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