This Is Fate On Zee World Saturday 22nd January 2022

This Is Fate On Zee World Monday 24th January 2022
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This Is Fate On Zee World Saturday 22nd January 2022: As Preeta makes a beeline for divulge Prithvi’s genuine intention, Sherlyn illuminates Prithvi about the equivalent over a call. Prithvi demands her to stop Preeta. As she follows Preeta, she catchs Mahira’s way and the team races to stop Preeta. In any case, Sherlyn goes on while Mahira quits seeing Daadi. Sherlyn picks a jar to hit Preeta yet to no end. Srishty holds Sherlyn’s hand and hits her with the jar and later, removes her in a room and ties Sherlyn.

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Mahira discovers that Srishty has tied Sherlyn. Then again, Sherlyn gets cognizant and begins yelling yet to no end. Afterward, Srishty educates her that they know concerning her and Prithvi’s marriage, which in the long run gives a shock to Sherlyn. Srishty continues to prod Sherlyn. In the interim, Prithvi trades the ring with Kritika. Be that as it may, before Kritika trades the ring, Preeta comes and reasons Kareena with her while requesting that they not continue with the ceremonies until she returns.Kritika gets dubious.

This Is Fate On Zee World Saturday 22nd January 2022: As Shrihty secures Sherlyn in the room, Mahira acts the hero her. Sherlyn attempts to call Prithvi and illuminate him yet to no end. In the mean time, amazed Rakhi and Daadi guess why Kareena left with Preeta during the function. Seeing this, Prithvi gets apprehensive. Kritika attempts to quiet him down. Suresh comes and acclaims Prithvi. Afterward, Kritika sees an approach Prithvi’s telephone, which is saved as “Mother”. She asks him for what reason his mother is calling him when she is standing right alongside him. As the episode arrives at its end, Prithvi and his mother attempt to diffuse the circumstance and the previous thinks that Sherlyn has something dire to talk about.


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