This Is Fate On Zee World Sunday 23rd January 2022

This Is Fate On Zee World Monday 24th January 2022
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This Is Fate On Zee World Sunday 23rd January 2022: Episode starts with Sherlyn says to Prithvi that he would have discovered that Akshay got rowdy with Preeta so out of frustration he killed him. He gets disturbed and says to her that her brain isn’t working. She says to him that when he got to realize that Akshay was coercing Kritika he chose to kill Akshay yet she halted him and advised him to turn into Kritika’s legend then he adjusted his perspective. He hollers at her colloquialism that he didn’t kill Akshay and says to her that he isn’t understanding that how to demonstrate his blamelessness to her.

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She says to him that he can’t change reality by shouting at her and furthermore she saw when he toss his garments out of the window and that garments had blood. He says to her that that was ketchup not blood. She requests that he quit deceiving her and advises him to avoid Preeta and this case since, supposing that Police speculate him then he will be behind the bars. He guarantees on her adage he didn’t kill Akshay. In any case, she won’t trust him and leaves the room.

This Is Fate On Zee World Sunday 23rd January 2022: Kritika meets Preeta. Preeta cries saying Karan is furious on her. Kritika advises her to contemplate herself first. Preeta says to her that Karan is angry with her since she hided reality from him and second thoughts for not coming clean him and asks her that does Karan said anything to her. Kritika says to her that they should tell everything to Karan to tackle this issue. Preeta says to her that she just hided the photographs and video’s matter and she would rather not uncover about it to anybody and regardless of whether they uncovers likewise it won’t transform anything. Kritika faults herself for Preeta’s condition and apologize to her. Preeta says to her that it was not their error and gets some information about her capture.

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Sarla hears Kritika and Preeta’s discussion and asks Kritika that what occurred. Preeta says to Sarla that she didn’t let anybody know that she met Akshay and uncovers what all occurred in the lodging. Sarla says to her that she realizes that Preeta didn’t kill anybody and gets some information about Karan. Preeta advises Kritika to go to house. Sarla chooses to scrutinize the Luthra’s and illuminates her choice to Preeta. Preeta requests that Sristy stop Sarla.

This Is Fate On Zee World Sunday 23rd January 2022: Mahira commends her triumph and illuminates about her test to Sherlyn. Sherlyn says to her that Mahira sat idle and it was incident that Police captured Preeta today. Mahira says to her that perhaps she accomplished something that is the reason Police captured Preeta. Sherlyn requests that she come clean since she is suspecting Prithvi. Mahira says to her that she didn’t kill Akshay yet she speculates Karan. Sherlyn thinks Karan, Prithvi and Mahira have motivation to kill Akshay and marvels who might have killed him.


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